Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 3 Reasons to Discover Chakradance®

Building a bridge to your Higher Self with CHAKRADANCE®!

Since opening my Healing Space on February 1st, I have been offering Chakradance ® sessions twice a week. First, I noticed the change in myself. Then, I have witnessed changes in my students. This is a powerful healing modality! Here are top 3 reasons to try it yourself:

  1. You will get out of your head! I have noticed in most of my clients that one of the main issue blocking them from manifesting the life they desire is that they overthink. They stay in their heads dreaming, strategizing, organizing, validating ideas… They think the change and they know reasons and best practices... but all that beautiful knowing energy doesn’t come down to the heart centre. Without feeling, ideas will not manifest, or at least not with the best possible outcome. Because Chakradance® is a moving meditation to specific music and images pertaining to specific chakras, you will learn to embody your spirit. When your spirit feels at home in your body, it is in a better position to lead your life and manifest miracles! 
  2. You will meet spiritual guides! Every session, we invite specific spiritual guides. We ask for insight, wisdom and healing. We ask to be shown how to heal blockages that have been holding us back. We learn to trust our imagination, for our imagination is the doorway and the bridge to a successful relationship with our spiritual guides. 
  3. You will feel more empowered! The more you know about yourself and how your energy moves, the more confident you will feel about making life changes – big or small – that nurture you body, mind and soul. What will you do with increased self-confidence? 
This summer, sessions are offered on Tuesday evenings from 7-9PM and Wednesday afternoons from 1-3PM at Way to the Well. Please RSVP.

To find a Chakradance® facilitator near you, visit the Chakradance Official Website.

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