Monday, July 7, 2014

Frog's Message for Personal Transformation

In meditation last week, I tuned into the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Frog came forth as an animal totem to share a message rich in meaning for all star children, souls who feel they don't belong and everyone feeling the push and pull of the global transformation.

In my practice, I meet many souls who feels they don't belong. They tell me they *know* their soul has its origin elsewhere, and they long for this distant place and time even though they are unsure what it is. And because they feel they don't belong, they find life difficult to bear and feel confused or at a loss as to how to fit in when they're so different. They do judge themselves harshly and hold on to that feeling of being different and needing to be excluded from relationships and life in general due to this difference.

Frog wished to impart her wisdom to help heal these feelings of being different, especially in these times of personal and planetary transformation.

First, she showed herself as a tadpole and I felt her joy as she swam and explored her aquatic environment. Then, she became a frog. I felt her surprise, as if the transformation from tadpole to frog was quick and unexpected. She was longing and grieving for her tail and wondering what to do with her limbs. She was frozen, couldn't move, stuck between worlds.

Then, Frog realized that her tail was still there; it had been absorbed within her new body. It had taken a new form.  She felt a surge of courage and hope for the new day.  When she realized the potential and the gift of the present, she leaped onward and forward.  She rejoiced in her new froggy community, who was just waiting, beyond the edge, for Frog to leap into their circle.

From our human perspective, it's easy to tell the frog that changing from tadpole to frog is part of her natural evolution. She is called from birth to become a frog, to climb trees, jump, catch flies with her tongue.

From a higher perspective - are we reacting like this frog, stuck between what was and the full realization of our becoming? Is fear and confusion paralyzing us from moving forward? Are we longing for what was and forgetting to create a new life with new opportunities now? Do we react poorly when someone tells us to "just get on with it already!" Is this transformation business just too hard?  Are we judgemental, impatient and harsh when someone near us is undergoing a personal transformation or going through a grieving process?

You may be grieving the time when you were only a breath, a spirit in an other dimension.  You may be longing for a time past.  You might wish that things were just as they used to be... when you were young, before an accident, before a specific life event...

Realize that star dust is in your bones. Your body is created of the same atomic particles as the stars, the moon and the Earth. Your soul is now embodied in a different form. You are here to learn how to anchor the wisdom of the ages in this dimension, while remaining open to all the possibilities of the Cosmos.  You are Heaven and Earth united.  Realize that you DO belong in this moment, in this dimension, in this vibration.  You are meant to be here, now.

Your tribe is here, waiting for you. You are not alone. Take a deep, long breath then hop along and explore this world of ours. Your every action - and lack thereof - contribute to shaping this new reality into which we are collectively transforming. Make a bold move, and show yourself and the world how you belong. Make this place and time your own. Add your Light to the collective of Lightworkers!

Just like we can see the frog's potential in the tadpole, the divine and our Higher Consciousness knows our own potential. We're not done growing and discovering - but all that potential won't amount to much if we just sit and stare, frozen in fear and confusion. We are the ones, from within our very core, who must make this decision to leap forward.  We must reach out and get the help we need to strengthen our resolve and train us in using our potential!

Are you ready to hop along? I've done a few bounces already and a few big leaps since leaving my corporate work to manifest this dream of mine. I can help you and guide you along in your journey.  I have witnessed the amazing transformation in my clients once they started applying the lessons of their souls.  I believe in you and all your potential!  I can help hold the sacred space necessary for you to go from disgruntled and frozen to joyfully abundant. 

I am happy to offer you a 30-minute Strategy Session to help you plan your next right action for your overall spiritual wellbeing.  Discover your potential.  Discover your beauty.  Shine on!