Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reiki and Energy Work for a broken bone - Epilogue

Over a year already since I injured my wrist. I am finally taking time to write an epilogue to the three blog entries documenting my journey with a cast.

I think that part of the reason why I was procrastinating writing more on this healing journey is that I felt it had somehow failed. When I returned to the hospital 4 weeks after my injury I expected the bones to be fully mended – after all, doctors had said it would take 4-6 weeks for the injury to heal, and Reiki is supposed to speed up recovery so I expected my healing would take a shorter amount of time.

Once the cast was removed, I knew it wasn’t healed and I felt surprised and disappointed. I couldn’t even raise my arm from the x-ray table without assistance from my left hand due to the pain. My hand was still swollen and yellow from the bruising. The lines in my palm were absent due to the swelling (it was so strange to see a blank palm!). Then I started wondering if I had done Reiki “wrong”, or if I hadn’t been consistent enough in my application of Reiki, or if Reiki really did work… My faith in energy healing was dampened, and that is not something I am proud of nor did I want to share my doubts with my clients, students and readers. I could still feel the energy at work, I felt the reassurance of guides, and I knew I was growing emotionally and spiritually – but why wasn’t my body healing almost instantly?

The cast was removed 3 weeks later, the injury being fully healed. I needed a few weeks more to slowly return to the full use of my hand, wrist and arm. My chiropractor gently adjusted the wrist bones and my massage therapist continued to relieve residual pain in the shoulder girdle and arm. And oh the joy of showering without a plastic bag on my arm, and washing my hair with both hands! I returned to the joy of writing with my right hand, sleeping without pillow support under my arm and without the fear of clubbing my husband as I slept, cooking without the odors of the food “sticking” to the cotton of the cast and following me everywhere… And the household slowly went back to its previous state with most of the house chores falling upon me, the others being not as quick to help now that I wasn’t as helpless…

There are some good habits I maintained, like involving my son in cooking and increasing his chores to a level more appropriate to his age. I am also better at asking for help although deep down I still dislike it. I guess I have some of that super-woman I-can-do-it-all syndrome going on…

It was also interesting to use my wrists as practice for my students discovering energy work and Reiki; I was asking them to energetically sense both wrists and see if there was a difference, and all of them were amazed that they could sense a difference between the wrists. Most noted that there was more buzzing energy over the one that had been injured. The wrist continued to protect itself and kept knitting the bones for many months after the cast was removed.

In May this year, I met a gentleman in his sixties sporting a blue cast. I asked him about his injury and shared some of my story about breaking my wrist while disco-skating. He had tripped over an electrical cord. He mentioned that he took three days before going to the hospital because although he felt some pain, there was very little swelling and he just thought he had sprained his wrist. He was surprised that he actually had broken a bone.

A few weeks later, my son broke his wrist while playing dodge ball at school. Same story with him: there was some pain and minimal swelling but no big egg-shaped swelling on the wrist and “sausaging” of the fingers like I had experienced the previous year. But with the story of the other man fresh in my memory, I decided to bring my son to the ER for an x-ray just in case. He was in a cast for 4 weeks.

A few hours after breaking my wrist,
still in the ER with disco glitter...
Can you see the egg shaped swelling
forming over the broken bone?
So then I realized how serious my injury had been. In comparison to these 2 new case studies, where there was only discomfort instead of pain that would make you pass out, and no swelling… I had won the prize so to speak for the biggest, baddest wrist injury around. Then I remembered how Reiki helped me reduce the pain and keep my intake of painkiller to a minimum during the first few days. I wasn’t surprised anymore that it took my body more than 4 weeks to heal since it had more work to do than for a simple fracture. I became actually amazed that it took only 7 weeks to heal now that I understood how messy the injury had been. I was finally able to move from disappointment in energy work in the matter of broken bones, into gratitude and love.

And so it is true that healing doesn’t always work in the way we wish it to work. In my case, I had wanted a full recovery in 4 weeks or less without understanding the gravity of the situation. When I realized it wasn’t happening, my faith in energy work wavered. What was I doing wrong that my request went unanswered? I wanted my will to be done without understanding the bigger picture…

Can you see that pattern in your life as well – wanting your will to be manifested instantly without an understanding of the fuller picture? Is it difficult for you to fully surrender to Spirit without wanting to control the outcome of a situation? Do you judge what should happen and are you disappointed when what you believe should happen does not manifest?

We all go there. It’s one of our lessons as humans.

I now feel more humble and grateful for the healing gifts I have. I know they work although it’s not always in the shape, type or timing I imagine. I am learning to “let go and let God” in an even deeper, more intimate and more grateful way than ever before.

Do you need help understanding the greater picture of a physical or emotional injury? I’ve been through a personal process and I have also guided many clients to more clarity, understanding and inner peace. I would love to have the opportunity to journey with you, too.

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