Monday, July 21, 2014

I am grateful for bird pooh

Really? How can that be? And how can that be spiritual?? How dare I go there?

The thing is, it’s often the small things in life that bear great gifts. It is also often the messy parts of our lives that bring forth treasures of courage, soul growth, and myriad blessings.

Surprise!  Black Raspberries from my garden.

This year, I decided I wouldn’t do a vegetable garden. Launching my business full time is taking a lot of time and effort and I decided I just didn’t have the energy or dedication to spend the required time outdoors weeding, planting, rearranging, watering… Nature decided otherwise.

Five rows of garlic came up, and just about as many onions – I had forgotten to harvest the bulbs last year. So did 2 potato plants, and a patch of carrot seeds that didn’t want to grow last year suddenly decided this was the year to grow. Then, hiding behind the garden shed is a treasure: a huge bush or two of black raspberries! They are so delicious and filled with sunshine, and unlike the seeds and bulbs I know I planted earlier, they came as a complete surprise. The seeds were probably dropped by a bird. Or a squirrel. Likely from their digestive tract…

And because business and spiritual development is always on my mind, it got me thinking: in life and in business, we often have to work through lots of… unpleasant things… to grow our dreams, goals and aspirations. When someone deals us less savoury comments or menial tasks, it is good practice to see how we can move through that and learn valuable life lessons and skills that will bring us closer to our objective. When life drops us an unexpected painful situation, it is good practice to become aware how that situation contributed to our character and growth as a person. We don’t see the benefits right away, and the life lesson isn’t immediately clear: like the seeds that work their way through manure to grow to their highest potential, we need to take a step back and allow life and energy to work its magic within us. We want to see results right away, when sometimes we need to wait for thought-seeds to grow and blossom at the most appropriate time.

Often, it is through unpleasant events, and when we expect it the least, that we find the best, biggest, juiciest surprises!

And so, as I eat a bowlful of sunny black raspberries, I give thanks to the bird who dropped the seeds last year. I give thanks for the surprise bounty of my garden. I give thanks to the less savoury bits of my life too because, in retrospect, I understand how they became fertile ground for growing my dreams, my gifts, my soul.

Can you spend some time today giving thanks for the pooh in your life? What bounty has grown of it? What is the lesson or the blessing?

I have many tools, meditations and mindset-shifting techniques I would love to teach you! I can work with you on changing your mindset and your perceptions. I can help you understand the soul lessons of your life.  I can surround you with the energy of Reiki that will nurture your soul.  Are you ready to feel more joy and abundance?

Sending you blessings of joy!

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