Monday, July 28, 2014

Like riding your first giant roller coaster…

Last week, I watched a bit of television with my son. He was fascinated with the world of rollercoasters and extreme waterparks, how they are built and how they function. Meanwhile, I was tuning in to the feelings and mind mechanics of the people riding them.

As I watched the would-be riders size up the rollercoaster or giant water slide, the excitement and adrenaline was palpable. Their thought processes went from, “this is huge, it might break down as we’re riding, there may be a failure, I might pass out”… to “OK let’s do it!” And there’s always that one friend trying to convince the others that it will be fun. Once they choose to proceed, they release the stress while riding with their hands up and yelling their lungs out, and affirm they want to do it all over again. They say, “that was awesome! It wasn’t as bad as I thought! I’m so glad I did it!”

Many come to me with the wish to develop their spiritual gifts, including their intuitive and psychic abilities. And yet, as they ponder what’s on the other side of the door, so to speak, they feel fear, terror, anger and upset. They are afraid of opening up their intuition, for they fear the unknown – and they fear the Hollywood version of what being intuitive is all about. They are upset that they can’t easily communicate with loved ones who have crossed over – and yet they are afraid of ghosts and things that go bump in the night. They are angry with the system or with a religious background that taught that being intuitive is somehow evil. They are afraid to fail, or think they are not worthy. They put up their own barriers to their development. They self-sabotage because they unconsciously choose to sit in their fear instead of moving toward inner peace. Fear can be paralyzing. And addictive.

Many people just stare at the giant roller coaster of spiritual self-development and sit in that fear of riding it. They size up its immense potential. They don’t know if they’re worthy or capable of riding it. Not very many have the courage to face their fears and move on. Not many have the gumption to ride the wave while completely letting go, hands up in the air and yelling wheeeeee!

Are you staring up at that spiritual roller coaster with thoughts of fear and terror? Remember, these are only thoughts, and you can choose to think otherwise.

Trust me, riding the spiritual roller coaster is not as scary as it seems. You’ll be really glad to get onboard – and I can teach you how to do so in a way that is safe, grounded, gradual and fun! You’ll see how simple it really is. (I’m like that friend in the roller coaster series, standing with you until you find your courage to ride – and I’ll be riding beside you, holding your hand if I must!)

Are you ready to put your seatbelt on and go for the ride of your life? Ask me how! Let’s do this!

Sending you blessings of joy!

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