Monday, July 14, 2014

Opening the Channels to Abundance

Laughing Buddha, said to
help attract abundance. 
Clients are asking me how can they attract true abundance. As people who want to live with good spiritual ethics, we all know that true abundance is not necessarily money, but also rich relationships, joyful life experiences, opportunities for personal growth… yaddi yaddi yadda… but we also want money.

Here are five tips you can apply starting today to open your channels to abundance.
  1. Face it: money is energy. What is that piece of paper without the value and energy we give it? Money represents our fears, our hopes and our social struggles. We demonize it or view it as a saviour. Find clarity about your relationship with money. If you believe that money is dirty, evil and the cause of all sins… you are energetically blocking your channel to abundance!  (New: watch a video with more tips and exercises to help you gain clarity on your relationship with money!)
  2. Believe that you deserve money! Old beliefs about money and self-worth can be sticky and can trap us in a mindset of poverty. Change this energy of lack by celebrating all you can do with money. Feel joy and gratitude when you travel, when you pay a bill on time, when you treat yourself to something nice. Decide that you deserve to feel joyful. Decide that money is a form of energy that can help you experience fun, joy, freedom – and that you deserve to feel these emotions! 
  3. Be clear on the amount you want to receive. If you need $500, clearly ask for that amount and believe you can and will receive it. Be specific! In my experience, Spirit has a weird sense of humour… The more specific you are, the more you enable Spirit helpers to manifest your requests. 
  4. Money is a dance. We are all moving together in the dance of abundance. Money exchange is a dance of giving and receiving, and we have to play both roles. Bless money as it dances in your life. Enjoy receiving, and enjoy giving! 
  5. Be open to receiving – with grace, joy and gratitude! One of the most common roadblock to abundance is the refusal to receive. We refuse help or assistance. We refuse gifts and compliments. We are full of excuses. When this happens, we actively send the message to Universe that we don’t deserve or want abundance. The energy of abundance is there for the taking – but you have to make the time to actively connect and feel this energy pouring into your life! Your first practice: I invite you to accept the gift I recently offered you for joining my mailing list! If you haven’t done so already, book your complimentary 15-minute Reading and 30-minute Clarity and Strategy session
I have many tools, meditations and mindset-shifting techniques I would love to teach you! I don’t have a magic wand and can’t promise you will win the lottery this week, but I can help you change how your perceive money and your relationship with the energy of abundance. It will take time and effort on your part, because you have to be willing to change and transform your mindset, and that’s like committing to going to a spirit-gym. Remember, however, that investing in yourself is time and money well spent because it primes the pump to true abundance!

Sending you blessings of joy!