Sunday, April 28, 2013

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I am thrilled to finally teach Reiki, and as Sinatra would sing it, doing it my way ;)  The reason I am doing it differently and prolonging each level for 6 months with case studies, is to ensure that every student has the coaching required to know how and when to apply Reiki in every life situation.  Many students new to Reiki (as was my case a few years ago), have a wonderful weekend at Reiki training, but what happens next?  Dreams are vivid, life events appear more synchronous, thinking and emotional patterns change...  and it can feel confusing because we feel alone in this practice.  I want to establish a good network and support system so that every student can reintegrate "the real world" with this new toolset of energy work, and that the changes become natural and are manifested in as gentle a way as possible for everyone.

The first of 3 offerings of this new, unique, empowering training will be on June 14-16, 2013.  There will be an other class on July 19-21 and the last class for 2013 on November 1-3.  Learn the basics of Reiki, and energy healing. Learn how to manage, prevent and reduce your physical pain. Learn to treat others, pets, plants and the planet with your healing vibes! This workshop requires a commitment from the participants, as I am not looking for the "weekend warriors" - those attending workshops because it's cool and something to do and then never apply the lessons... I am looking for those dedicated to help themselves live a full, more joyful life while at the same time raising planetary vibration.  I am ready to teach - are you ready to learn and apply Reiki and energy principles to your life?

This workshop is great for beginners - those who don't know what energy healing is and who might doubt it even exists... and it's also great for those needing a refresher on Reiki and how to apply it to daily life.

There is a minimum of 4 participants required, and a maximum of 8 to ensure the right amount of energy and sufficient time for all exercises and practice.  These group sessions will be held at my place (however for a larger group I might rent space nearby - it will depend on the number of enrolments).  I am available to travel - if you assemble a group of 4-8 people, I could travel to you and note the distance I will need to travel might impact the cost of the sessions.

Contact me for more information!


Il y aura un atelier en français le dimanche 9 juin, intitulé "Les chemins de la vie". Dans cet atelier, vous ferez l'expérience de l'importance des mots et des images dans votre bien-être.  Avez-vous pris un détour dans votre vie? Avez-vous été plongé dans l'eau chaude? Avez-vous suivi de hauts sentiers, traversé un désert ou fait le tour des ruelles? En comprenant bien les mots et les images qu'on associe à ses expériences, on peut tracer une carte routière pour son avenir, et arriver à paver les chemins rocailleux de son passé.

Prenez conscience des mots et des images qui peuvent peser lourd dans votre baluchon, et apprenez à aller devant d'un pas plus léger et plus serein.


Finally, remember to go to my blog entry and enter by leaving a comment below the post for your chance to win a 3-month subscription to "Guidance In Your Inbox" a $180 value! This spiritual guidance tool is a document I lovingly prepare just for you, with your highest good in mind. It is meant to provide you with valuable insights on the energies available to you, and on your next step for your soul growth.

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