Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Top Tips to better listen to your soul

Isn't is curious that we often feel anxious, antsy, and short of breath when we're at rest, and that these feelings are unnoticeable when we're busy? Or sometimes, it's the opposite: we complete a big task and although we're proud we feel there's something missing. We might revert back to our inner teenage self and want to scream, "I'm bored!"

Here's a little secret: the voice of your Soul is very subtle. It can be heard in whispers. It nourishes you through beautiful sunsets and waves on the beach. It talks to you through the wind, the flight of butterflies, the curious activities of animals around you. It's too difficult to notice these subtle clues from your soul's interaction with Spirit when you're so busy being a "human doing machine". Let's face it: that's what most of us have been trained to be -- and to such an extent that many feel worthless, useless, unaccomplished or worse when we don't have a huge to-do list to check off every minute of every day. And who's voice is that - the one that screams out loud all these less-than-desirable things about you? Or who measures your worth based on the extensiveness of your list? Yep: it's ego. Ouch.

When we don't allow ourselves to stop and listen to our soul, we feel depleted. We feel trapped. We feel we're a slave of the system. We feel we need to conform to the rules to please and appease everyone. I don't know about you, but when I feel this way, I'm one unhappy mamma.

So what can we do today - right now! - to listen to our Soul? Here are my Top 3 Tips:

  1. Take a DEEP breath. Don't just pretend to breathe... Notice if you're holding your belly tight as you breathe, or if your neck is hurting when you inhale. If so, your muscles are holding stress and tension. Inhale deep into your belly; watch the rise and fall of your abdomen and your chest. Allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears. Remember to exhale completely too! Take at least 10 breaths like this 3 times a day. It's easy to do at the computer, driving, commuting on the bus... no excuses!
  2. Notice the world around you. Take at least 5 minutes to really SEE what's around you. How bright is the sun? What is the feeling of the temperature on your skin? What are you hearing? How are you feeling? This awareness will help you notice the subtle clues of your soul.
  3. State one thing you're grateful for. This is like magic when we need to change the nasty voices back to a positive mindset. Set a timer on your electronic device, and when it chimes, state the first thing that comes to mind for which you feel grateful! When you make a game out of this, it truly feeds the joyful and light energy of your spirit!

To read more on awakening your soul, click here to read a blog article I wrote last year. It covers more of the physical symptoms you might feel when your soul is stirring.   Need more help, support and techniques? I have a system that has worked wonders for many women, helping them move from stressed and trapped to joyful and empowered.  Book time with me to chat if it's a good fit for you.

Sending you blessings of Love!

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