Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An invitation to heal your heart - August 23-24 2014

What if you could spend time with like-minded folks?  What if you had a rejuvenating weekend away from all your obligations and you could walk away feeling refreshed, invigorated and having a strategy and tools in place to help you manage your stress when you return to your daily grind?  What if you gave yourself the care, time and attention you normally give others -- just for a weekend?

I am thrilled to have partnered with two amazing ladies - a yoga instructor and a relaxation promoter - to offer you a wonder-full weekend.  You'll journey into your heart space to find healing and inner peace.  Read more here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on August 23-24!

In this wonder-full 2-day workshop you will:

  • boost your self-love and self-healing
  • learn Vinyasa yoga sequences to open the heart chakra
  • experience healing meditations
  • receive Reiki energy
  • explore your heart chakra space
  • receive messages from spiritual guides
  • experience Chakradance
  • ...and of course meet like-minded women, and possibly new friends!

It's the perfect time for this workshop and to take a pause to nurture yourself between the busy-ness of summer and the return to the school routine.

We have so much to offer between Yoga, Reiki, Chakradance, Meditation and spiritual coaching...   And we're ready to give you even more!

RSVP today and receive these gifts --
a $600 value for only $197!

Your ticket to this wonder-full weekend journey (value $197)
A 30-minute clarity session (value $75)
A 15-minute Angel or Oracle Card Reading (value $25)
One ticket to the 4-weeks Mentored Reiki Online Training Program (value $297)
A small crystal (value $6)

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, experience and knowledge on your journey to wholeness and self-love.
Let's journey together!

Thank you for purchasing your tickets in advance.  Register with friends and save even more - and everyone who registers receives the gifts listed above!

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