Monday, September 1, 2014

There's a Lull in My Heart...

I feel it every time, and I wonder if the intensity will ever lessen or if it’s just part of how I manage and share my energy…

I truly love this work that I do. I love teaching and coaching people how to reconnect with their spiritual nature. I know that it’s a journey, and that I get to walk with my students for a short time only. But even if my head knows the nature and the brevity of our time together, my heart goes “all in” every time. I draw my students in a sacred energy before the Program starts and I pray for Spirit to surround us with blessings to support our journey together. Each student makes an imprint in my heart and mind. There’s more that goes on in one of my Programs than the actual classes… And then, when comes graduation time, I release the energy and the bonds that brought us together. And I feel a bit empty.

This past Saturday was such a graduation day. Four new Lightworkers have completed their Level 1 training, and I am so proud of the journey we have shared these past 6 months. I love how we have all grown. I admire their new confidence in their healing and psychic abilities. I find joy in noticing the extra light in their eyes and feeling the inner peace they have found.

Tuesday evening, it is the closing of a 9-week Chakradance cycle. These students have found messages and guidance, journeying deep in their chakras. They have met spirit guides. They have explored their inner psyche. They have come to an understanding of a few patterns in their lives. They are noticing synchronicities, coincidences and messages from Spirit. We’ll be celebrating their journey Tuesday night.

You could say I’m a proud momma.

I am happy and joyful, and yet with two Programs finishing the same week, my soul is singing Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “There’s a Lull In My Life” … As I release the energy that united me with my students, it feels like there’s a bit of a void. There’s an absence. It’s almost like a small grieving process.

The card I pulled this morning to help me focus on this article reminded to honour all the cycles in my life. Life is made of endings and new beginnings. Life is full of seasons. It’s time to release the old and start again. I’m thinking also of Calypso with whom I have danced a few weeks ago, and indeed I feel the strength of her ocean. I feel like the wave ebbed out only to gather more strength to flow once more.

One thing I learned in this life and especially through the miscarriages and infertility experiences, is to allow myself to truly feel the losses. It’s only when I truly feel the emptiness, without clinging to what was or what could have been that I can make space for new projects, new love, new classes, new ideas… new students. It can take a few hours, a few days, a few months… but it’s only when I go deep in the emptiness that I gain strength to move forward again. The same holds true for my clients; those who have the most pain and difficulty finding joy are still holding on to old hurts and grief. It's important to learn how to let go.

My meditations these next few days will focus on thanksgiving and releasing to make energetic space for the next season – and my inner knowing tells me this coming season will be full of powerful transitions and experiences! My energy will be ready soon to work with new clients – for private coaching sessions and through classes and Programs. I’m already looking forward to it all!

Sending you blessings of Love!