Monday, April 27, 2015

The smell of zen

Aromatherapy & Crown Chakra

You know that scent of incense at the yoga studio that makes you feel zen as soon as you walk through the door?  Or the smell of churches that makes everyone whisper, slow down and reflect in prayer?  Or the smell of the forest that brings a smile to your face and you feel your heart and soul grow as big as the trees around you?

These are all scents that open up your Crown Chakra by altering your brain chemistry so that you become receptive to higher energy and vibrations.  These scents can make you feel connected to a power above and beyond the human experience.  They point the way to your soul’s “refuelling station”, where you can more readily feel and accept a connection to Oneness, which nourishes your soul.

It is so important to take time, daily, to reconnect to our higher self and to higher vibes.  You don’t need big ceremonies and complicated prayers - even a few deep breaths, with a smile on your face, and a feeling of awe in your heart when you think of all the good in this world; the beauty of Nature; and infinite possibilities created by and through Love…  These few deep breaths can be enough.  And it does help, when you take these cleansing and reconnecting breaths, if you are surrounded by a scent you like and supports your spiritual side.

So, go ahead and light your favourite candle or incense stick, and breathe!

Here are a few of my favourite scents:

  • Pine:  It reconnects me with the cleansing forces of nature.  When I walk in a pine forest, I feel an air of mystery.  I feel nurtured and safe.  I feel that my heart expands to more joy and Love.  Pine can symbolize infinity, lasting faith and resilience through tough times, because it is an evergreen.
  • Frankincense:  A time-honoured scent used in many religious practices.  It creates that “smell of church” and invites to deep prayer and contemplation.  In ancient times, it was used as embalming oil to prepare and preserve the body for the next journey.  Used consciously with the Crown Chakra, frankincense can help you in your ascension process.
  • Champa:  This is an East-Indian classic incense that reminds me of meditation retreats and Reiki classes.  It is very relaxing and soothing, and facilitates deep meditative states.
  • Rosewood:  This is an excellent essential oil that I often use directly on my skin.  I mix it with a bit of face moisturizer to keep my youthful glow, and I use it neat on cuts and burns to help my skin cells regenerate and heal quickly.  Its scent is woodsy and flowery; connecting Root, Heart and Crown chakra.  Used in a mister or diffuser, it can assist you in preparing your body, mind and emotions to receive and hold higher frequencies, and in doing channeling work.

Enjoy exploring various scents to bring you to that zen state!

I am surrounding you with joy, Light and Love!