Monday, April 20, 2015

What see you in your crystal ball?

The room is dark and smoky from incense and candles.  Weird talismans and statues are displayed throughout the room.  You feel a sense of mystery, scented with fear.  Finally, she walks in, through the beaded curtain.  Dressed in a flowy gown adorned with gypsy coins and sequins, turban on her head and done up in makeup reminding you of a witchy-gypsy-ancient-Egyptian.  Skirt coins clinging, she sits across from you at the small table.  She takes a deep breath, looks into your eyes, then lifts her hand - adorned with long coloured nails, rings, and some old henna.  She shifts her focus to her crystal ball, hands circling…  She is now ready to reveal your fortune…

Me! :) Halloween 2011.  The workplace
theme was "pirates and gypsies" - I had
fun tapping into that :)
Is this how you picture someone who uses a crystal ball to tap into her psychic skills?  This image of a fortune-teller has certainly been in my psyche and imagination for many years - ever since I could read illustrated fairy tales.  Although part of me thinks this is “so cool” and would love to be like her - there is that other voice in me that tells me she’s a fake, a flake, a make-believe…  and never wants to be like her.  This inner attraction-rejection of the image of the fortune teller has had a bigger impact than I expected - or wanted - on my coming out as being intuitive.  For years, it blocked me from developing and acknowledging my intuitive skills.  I had much to learn about intuitive skills and had many pre-conceived notions and judgements to sort through and release before making peace with my intuition and admitting that, yes, I am a little gypsy-witchy at heart - and loving it!

I have learned to open up my chakras, clear my heart and accept the images, sensations and words flowing to and through me during meditations and sessions with clients.  I trust the guidance I receive for myself and others.  I have yet to purchase a crystal ball for myself, but this morning in meditation I received clear directions on how I would use one - and this I share with you.

A crystal ball is typically made of clear quartz, although it is possible to purchase one made of other crystals.  It can be used to focus the mind and make it more receptive to the psychic messages coming through, especially if one is clairvoyant.  The crystal ball can act as a screen where the images of the clairvoyant are projected, and can therefore be more easily perceived and interpreted.  It can also be a gateway to a connection with an other dimension or vibration, creating a similar effect to that associated with the ancient shamanic practice of staring into a flame; it’s just a different type of door.

To work with a crystal ball:

  1. Ground and centre yourself:  make sure you have eaten a good meal, take a walk outdoors, breathe deeply down to your belly.  Make sure you have taken care of some details that might be nagging at you first so they don’t bother you during your session.  These details include cleaning your space, feeding the cats, letting the dog out, sending that email, paying that bill…  Often, these “real life” issues can pop up and want attention during a session, so make sure to take care of them first, or at least promise yourself that you will deal with them at a specific time after the session: this will put your mind at ease.
  2. Prepare your space: it should be tidy and clean.  Take out a nice table or altar cloth, and lay out a few crystals, candles or spiritual items on your work surface.  Place a candle behind your crystal ball.  You might want to smudge your space or burn incense.
  3. Prepare yourself: Place a pinch of salt on your Crown Chakra and ceremonially wash your hands in cold water.  I love using a salt scrub and affirm, as I scrub my hands and forearms, that I am clearing my energy field and am opening myself to receive psychic messages.  
  4. Start the session: light the candles, dim the lights, sit comfortably.
  5. Focus your intention: Take a deep breath to your belly and gently close your eyes.  Focus on your intention to work with your crystal ball to receive clairvoyant messages.  Pray to be surrounded in Love and Light and thank your spiritual guides for working with you.
  6. Start the flow of energy:  Gently open your eyes, and look into your crystal ball.  Ask your question, and ask to be shown the answer or the next right action.  It’s OK if you feel you are cross-eyed and that your vision blurs; it’s part of the opening process.  Keep breathing and focusing.  Don’t force any images to appear; just allow them to flow.  Remember that it can feel like a day dream, or like when you read a good book and you see the characters and the story come to life in your mind’s eye.
  7. Close the session: Thank your spirit guides, your higher self, and Source for this experience - whether or not you think you saw anything.  Affirm that the session is closed.  Blink your eyes a few times to return them to normal focus.  Remember to breathe.  Stretch your body.  Write any insights in your journal.  

Remember that working with a crystal ball is like developing a muscle that will gain strength and definition over time.  It’s good to keep a journal not only to witness your progress, but to record small pieces of information that might make sense later on.  Through your experience, you will also learn how to ask better questions, and what type of questions get stronger or clearer answers and this will help you develop your own strengths as an intuitive-psychic.

Remember also to have fun and enjoy the process.  It is my experience that energy flows best when our heart is light and centred on joy and Love.  After all, experiencing oneness and universal Love is an attribute of a healthy Crown Chakra.  And you see, you don’t have to be dressed with all the showmanship of parlour psychics to be able to tap into your own psychic and intuitive senses... and if dressing up is part of what puts you in the zone, then by all means go ahead and have fun!

Are you looking for a crystal ball?  I can help you find one - just let me know what you are looking for.  Are you looking for more training to open up your chakras and your intuitive abilities?  I can help you with that too - I have online and in-person classes available, either in a group or individual setting.

Surrounding you in Love and Light!