Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When flu symptoms aren’t the flu…

Your body might be finding it difficult to adjust to new vibes

I’ve been feeling flu-ish for the past two weeks.  I have experienced symptoms of headache, nausea, body aches, increased sensitivity to noise, to movement, and to people’s energies.  I’ve had moments of intense heat waves coming in my body from the back of my Solar Plexus, and at times the heat was unbearable.  I needed extra time to sleep - well at least during the day because it has been difficult to sleep at night with all the mental energy I was experiencing.  And yet, with all these symptoms, I never had a fever, the sniffles or any other symptoms of the flu-bug.  I have been experiencing the psychic flu.  Don’t worry; it’s not contagious!

In my down time, I read some articles on solar flares, astrological alignments, lunar and solar eclipses, and the change in frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  Many authors, astrologers and intuitives around the world are also talking about a psychic or spiritual “flu” - so I know I’m on to something and I’m not making it up.

It appears that the electromagnetic pulse of the Earth is increasing, and the polarity is changing.  New gateways are being opened and new vibrational alignments are now possible.  Some sources even state that our DNA is being re-written - our bodies are going through quite the evolution to be able to carry the vibrations that are becoming predominant.

If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms at this time - and you’re sure it’s not the bug - your body might just be purging old energies that are no longer useful in this new global vibration.  Your body might be transforming to be able to receive and anchor this higher vibration on our planet.  Transformation work at this time includes the healing of old beliefs, patterns, and wounds.

I find it interesting and synchronous that the month of the Crown Chakra is aligned with this increasing global awareness of “the shift”.  You see, the Crown Chakra is like a receptive antennae at the top of our head that unites us with all of the creation, all vibrations, and through various dimensions, space and time.  It receives nourishment from a true connection to Source energy and guides our brain and our bodies based on its “knowingness” of the divine plan.  It is through the Crown Chakra that we can realize our full human and spiritual potential and feel the true inner peace and wisdom of being at one with all of the creation.  Blockages in the Crown Chakra can cause feelings of depression, mistrust in the higher realms, and the feeling of being a robot without joy or purpose.

You are called to develop to your full potential.  To love more.  To experience peace.  To feel empowered, joyful, and real.  The question now is: what are you ready to release to make space for this new vibration - anxiety, ego-pride, fear, self-doubt…?

I suggest you take time now to rest, to meditate and to reflect on your true core values.  Take classes that will support you as you journey toward more wisdom and spiritual maturity.  Learn how to move energy in a loving and healing way.  Develop your connection and your trust in Source.  Listen to your body and follow-through with your intuitive nudges.  Flex your psychic muscles.  Find your tribe of like-minded people.

If you feel confused and lost in this time of transition, I can help.  Usui Reiki (in-person and distant) can help you feel rejuvenated.  Holographic Reiki (in-person and distant) can give you insights into karmic experiences and help you heal the energies of old wounds.  Oracle Readings can help you gain clarity on your higher purpose and give you a sense of direction.  Spiritual Coaching can help you shift beliefs and vibrational patterns.  Not sure of which strategy would suit you best?  Book a complimentary Strategy Session with me, and I’ll guide you toward your soul’s inner wisdom.

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