Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Gateway: The year I learn to love myself

First of all, welcome to 2015!   May this year be filled with Love, Joy, Happiness a deep sense that inner Knowing.  I’ve been reflecting on my inner work, my business, the big changes that happened in my life in 2014 and on the energy I feel is arriving for 2015.  I am finding it very auspicious to start this year under the umbrella of the Heart Chakra!

The sensitive intuitives out there have most likely felt this shift of energy since the Winter Solstice.  To me, it’s been palpable.  It also feels quite different.  I have a very strong sense that a new gateway has opened since the Solstice; one that is just as important - if not more - than the much talked-about gateway of December 2012 when many folks were talking about the end of world as we know it as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.

I’m seeing it like this:  imagine for a moment that you are living in a lush land governed by a beautiful of loving King or Queen.  Their castle is just beyond the horizon, past the forest and past well-tended gardens.  There are gates at the end of the forest, at the entrance of the garden, and of course at the entrance of the castle.  There are likely more gates inside the castle itself.  All gates must be crossed before reaching the royal chamber.  Each gate we cross bring us closer to this chamber.  I believe that Lightworkers of the world have been receiving their invitation to journey to the Castle in the years leading to 2012.  Some have responded with extensive preparations including meditation, fasting, and learning new energy techniques.  Others have decided to ignore the invitation, or have felt too much shame, or an overwhelm of responsibility regarding this invitation.

Come Solstice 2012, we were at the Forest Gate.  For many, 2013 felt dark and dense.  It was tough to pick our path through the thick woods.  We felt alone.  It was hard to keep the faith that something better was waiting for us; or rather it was difficult to realize that we ARE that something better as we journey and travel our own path to our soul’s destination.

At the Solstice of 2013, we arrived at the Garden Gate.  2014 held promises of flowers, sunshine and chirping birds.  Some of us become lost in the garden’s mazes, going around in circles and loosing track of the path.  It was a year of push and pull.  A year of revisiting life goals and heart’s desires.  It was a year to shed the past to recreate a new identity based on the new knowledge and Light that entered our life.  It was a year to take stock of our dreams and accomplishments, and to see if we preferred the dream to the reality being experienced, and to what degree we were ready to help THE DREAM become manifest.

At the Solstice of 2014, we arrived at the Castle’s Gate.  Take a moment now to fully visualize this Gate.  Are you at the front gate, the back gate, or any other secondary gates?  Is it covered in gold, is it big and imposing, or is it simple, wooden or of rusted iron?  Take a moment to see, feel, and listen to where you’ve arrived.  Now take a moment to clarify your hopes and intentions before entering the Castle’s grounds.  Are you entering with Love, or with Fear and resentment?  Are you entering with thoughts of lack, stress and anxiety, or are you entering with feelings of peace, contentment and excitement for all that is ahead?  If you’re like me, you’re likely experiencing a good mix of emotions and thoughts.

It is my feeling that 2015 ushers in a greater ability to manifest our heart’s desires.  Our ability to co-create with the Divine will be enhanced.  We have, therefore, an increased responsibility to be clear about what we want to experience and how we choose to feel.  We are that much closer to the Royal Court…  everything we think and feel is important.  Remember: thought-forms are energy that attract to us physical experiences.  As we cross the Castle’s Gate, we enter a hall of mirrors where everything we believe is reflected back to us.   So if you crossed the Gates with anger, bitterness and resentment - more of that will be reflected to you.  If you are clear about your intentions and your feelings, if you are willing to journey to more Love, then those are the experiences you will attract to you.  Take a good look in the mirror: do you like what you see?  Can you see the divine spark of Light and Love in you, or are you distracted by the smoke and silly mirrors that are distorting reality?

Our first challenge for 2015 is to walk through that funny house of mirrors.  Since the Solstice, I have to admit that I have been feeling slightly terrified.  I always panic a little when faced with the reality I create.  I’ve been reviewing my life since childhood and so much hurt came up to the surface - and I had to take a good look at these events.  I had to take a good look at my coping abilities, and I had to call upon extra divine help to bring Light and Love to these events.  I realized that deep down in my core, beyond all the masks, beyond all the efforts of healing…  I have been holding on to a belief of self-hatred.  I have been belittled, bullied, shamed and shown conditional love to the point that those are the feelings and thoughts I apply to myself.  It hurts.  It really hurts.  It sabotages my personal and business efforts in so many ways.  And I’ve had enough.  This is the year I stand up for myself - but out of Love and not defiance or grief.  This is the year I forgive myself.  This is the year I move toward forgiving others.  This is the year I learn to love myself.  This is my Truth, and this is how I humbly make my journey forward to a deeper, more mystical chamber…

What is the hall of mirrors reflecting back to you?  Do you need to talk about it?  I’m here to listen - book a time to connect with me via phone, Skype or in person.

Also, for all who need a bit of extra help this month, I am offering local and distance Reiki sessions at a 2 for 1 rate - that’s 2 sessions for only $100.  Both sessions must be booked in January.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

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