Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favourite crystals for the Heart Chakra

I have always been fascinated with rocks and crystals.  When I was a child, I loved spending time just looking at rocks, their colours, and their sparkle.  You could find me playing in the rocks at recess, on the beach and during walks.  I had my own little collection of rocks…  until I was told they were “just rocks” and it was silly to keep them and I had to throw them away.  That felt very sad on so many levels.  It was not just the fact that my rocks were judged at worthless, I felt that I was judged too, because something that I really enjoyed was being greatly devalued.

That negative programming around rocks stayed with me for a very long time, and I am now healing that hurt.  I’m still a little afraid of being judged when I talk of crystals and of the joy they can bring, but I can breathe through that fear now.  I can now affirm that I love working with crystals, and I love their energy!

One of the most fascinating experiences I’ve had with crystals was during my visit to The Casa de Dom Inacio - John of God - in Brazil.  The Casa is located in a mountain range south of Brasilia.  These mountains are filled with crystals, and the energy can be overwhelming.  In meditation, so many hurts and emotions were coming to the surface for clearing.  I felt torn apart and rewired at the same time.  And the weirdest thing is that I could sense all the crystals below me in the ground.  I felt such a huge need for these crystals and the healing energy they radiated that I wanted to roll in them (like that scene in “Chocolat” where the mayor is rolling in chocolate), and I wanted to hold them so close to me.  I visited the crystal shop and found a few favourite crystals that truly resonated with my heart chakra, and I held them in my hands during meditation for the rest of my 2 weeks in Brazil.  I’m sure similar crystals can help heal and tone your heart chakra as well.

  • Rose Quartz.  My all-around favourite.  Its energy is gentle yet strong.  It helps us align with the energies of compassion and unconditional Love.  It gently removes blocks to self-love and helps us take down that wall around our heart.  It moves slowly but surely, in the most nurturing way.  I keep a few Rose Quartz pieces around my home and office, and I regularly wear a Rose Quartz pendant on a chain just long enough that the point of the pendant is on my heart.  I have a few of these pendants for sale at the office.
  • Amethyst.  The deep purple of amethyst is soothing in many ways.  Purple is a very spiritual colour that helps us align with higher frequencies and divine love.  Often times, hearts can feel heavy with sadness, shame, guilt and anxiety.  These are emotional and mental patterns that can be changed, and amethyst can assist this transformation process.  Amethyst can be used in meditation to help purify your energy and your thoughts.  It can be used to call in angelic or divine help, and you can work with amethyst to help transmute old patterns into a pattern of higher energy or frequency; one that is more loving and nurturing.
  • Green Aventurine.  This crystal is calming and balancing.  It is wonderful to keep in a pocket as a touch-stone during the day: any time you feel a rise in anxiety or negative self-talk, touch the stone and allow the feeling of the smooth stone tell your body to tell your mind to tell your emotions to calm down and breathe…  and with your exhale, focus on releasing the tension.  Working with touch-stones such as Green Aventurine can help us remain focused, clear and balanced.  

(Need I remind you that working with crystals does not replace professional counselling?).

A selection of crystals available at my healing centre.  I just love the deep purple of the amethysts!

As you reflect upon your Heart Chakra this week, remember an activity you loved to do as a child.  Find a way to bring that joy back in your life today.  If you were like me and loved collecting rocks, then stop by my shop and we can “play” with the crystals I have for sale.  If you loved to paint, find a few minutes to doodle with different coloured pens even when at the office. If you enjoyed dancing or playing sports, make a date with yourself this week to do just that.

Reconnecting with what brings you fun and joy will greatly support a healthy heart chakra!

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

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