Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Tips to release anxiety and increase self-love

The heart of winter invites us to take a look deep inside our own heart.  This is a time of contemplation and self-reflection.  This is a time to learn more about our emotional and intellectual triggers, and especially to learn how to move from fight-or-flight reaction mode to a more loving and peaceful mode.

With the various cosmic energies many have felt since the Solstice, it’s time to dust off our energy tools and resolve to apply them to ourselves as soon as we feel hints of anxiety, fear and negative self-talk creeping in.  Becoming aware of these feelings as soon as they show up, and being mindful of how you choose your attitude and behaviours will help reduce your stress and cortisol level.  You will feel more grounded and calm going forward in your journey.

Here are a few techniques I use to switch the gears from fear and anger to peace and love.

  1. Talk to your emotions.  It is so difficult at times to stay calm and centred in the heat of a discussion, especially when we feel the other person has wronged us in some way.  Practice talking to your emotions when you review your day.  Say something like, “OK, I see you, feel you, acknowledge you (insert feeling here).  Now, tell me why you showed up so passionately in my life today.  What can I learn about myself from you?”  Just listen to your inner dialogue, and remember that the purpose of this internal conversation is not to validate and sanctify yourself, but to be fully present to your own life, in a deeper way.  
  2. Send Love.  I’ve worked diligently for the past few years to get to the core of my wounds to bring healing to my heart and my life.  This past month has been somewhat chaotic and I’ve needed extra spiritual help.  I’ve found a really quick internal “switch”: when I feel fear, anger, resentment, sadness…  and even joy, amusement and freedom, I breathe deeply and say, “And I am sending Love to that.”  This statement seems to cut through all mental clutter and chatter, stops the replay loop of past conversations and should-have-done scenarios and centres me right back into peace.  
  3. Tapping.  I love this technique that merges self-talk with energy work on the body’s meridian lines.  It works!  Mental and emotional patterns are shifted, and space is made for new loving manifestations to enter your life.  I’ve added a few Tapping videos in my YouTube channel - check them out here.  
  4. Reiki self-healing.  Reiki is a wonderful self-care technique that relaxes the mind, body and emotions and increases feelings of love, fulfilment and abundance.  If you received a Reiki attunement, remember to practice your self-treatment at least 15 minutes everyday.  Message me to find out more about Reiki or to register for the upcoming Level 1 training that starts on January 31st.  
  5. Move your body.  Go for a walk, do the Energy Routine, dance to your favourite tunes!  Moving your body will break up the tightness and heaviness associated with less-than-loving thoughts and emotions.  One of the greatest shifts in my life happened when I discovered Chakradance (R) - and I invite you to discover this wonderful modality with me. See calendar for dates.

Always remember that you can choose your feelings, attitude and behaviour.  You are not the victim of circumstances - even if some circumstances are very difficult to live through.  You can allow those circumstances to rule you, or you can choose to rise above.  Doing so, however, does require dedication and discipline.  I am here to help you - you are not alone.

Remember to seek professional help from the medical community if your symptoms of stress and anxiety are stopping you from living a healthy, vibrant life.  Reiki and energy work can support you in a big way but do not replace services from the professional, legal, medical community.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

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