Monday, September 15, 2014

A setback or an invitation to learn and grow?

The dust is settling from the kitchen reno: the new cupboards are ordered and I was able to clear a square foot of countertop where I can prepare basic meals. The menu is closer to the ready-made diet I favoured as a University student rather than the healthy gourmet I’ve become. Oh well - sometimes we need to take a step back to be ready to leap forward.

Life’s path is circular rather than linear. It winds up and down valleys, retraces its steps to gain better perspective and often moves in a spiral up and around a mountain instead of taking the most direct route. What feels like a setback is often part of this curvy journey. Stepping back allows for us to take stock of our strengths and of what still needs work. It helps us realize how far we’ve come. It helps us use tools and knowledge in a new way, for a new purpose.

In our fast-food, make-it-quick, I-want-it-now society, we often feel that a setback is a failure. We loose patience with the learning process. We want to know it, apply it, be proficient with it right away. This need to understand it all, and to “get it right” is a big source of stress, anger and frustration. We forget that some things take a lifetime (or more!) to truly understand. We also forget that there are many layers to understanding and that knowing with our heads or with logic is only a small piece of the puzzle.

I have been talking with a lot of people recently who are experiencing setbacks. It takes longer than they thought to reach their goals, and then they find out that they didn’t really like their chosen objective anyway - so what now? Others have a complete life or career do-over to deal with, and not always through conscious choice or decision. Many women feel sad, anxious and depressed because they are realizing that the life they have built for themselves is just not fulfilling - “was the last 15 years a lie? How do I deal with this?”, they ask.

If this sounds like you, I want you to take a look at my Programs. I teach from my own experience what works to get away from the drama of a setback. I help you gain a new perspective, so you can keep focusing on the moment and on the future your heart really wants to manifest. I help you get away from the superficial git-er-done-now and into the flow of your soul purpose. The process takes time - no fast-food about it! - but it’s well worth it. I know, because my clients tell me so, and not just out of politeness, teehee. I see the changes in their eyes and in their energy even before they become aware of it. I am so privileged to be a witness to such transformation, and I am happy, from the bottom of my heart, to be able to serve in this way.

Just as I know that the kitchen will be gorgeous when it’s done, with its splash of red and double the original space to cook and bake delicious meals and treats, I also have faith that this spiritual reno we are going through will have results beyond our expectations. I can see beyond the mess. It’s important, when we feel a setback, to get the tools we need to refocus, to learn the lessons, and get our sense of direction. When we’re done reacting and fretting and cursing… it’s easier to stay centred and plan the way forward toward what we really want.

Do you need help seeing beyond the mess? Talk to me.

Sending you blessings of Love!