Saturday, March 15, 2014

There is no heaven

Oops...  did I write this with my outside voice?  This can be so triggering and so very evil to say for a Catholic girl...

I do mean it though, and I'll explain why.

I believe that Heaven is a state of mind; an awareness we cultivate, live and experience every day of our life.  With all the various events and circumstances thrown our way, we have the power to choose how we want to experience them.  Do we want to linger in anger, bitterness, sadness or disempowerment, or do we want to transcend these feelings to joy and understanding?  I believe we are meant to create our bliss, our peace, our highest good here on Earth during our lifetime. We are not meant to procrastinate until we die to reach our good.

We are the spark of God, of the Creator, Spirit, Universe, Love-with-a-big-L. We can choose every day to be a reflection of this Love, or to experience its flippant flip side.  Heaven is not, in my view, something to aspire to for later; it is a promise to our self and the divine, a promise on which we work everyday to fulfill, a choice we consciously make with every breath.

Since I was a pre-teen, I made myself the secret promise not to go to heaven when I die. Imagine for a moment that you're back in your teenage skin and heaven is "sold" to you as a place where you go sit all day and sing with the angels who, incidentally in my upbringing, were more of the stock of fairy tales than reality.  I had taken First Nations study and I thought it would be way cooler to hang around in the forest, meet my ancestors and help family members and friends still in the living world.  And spook the bleep out of them occasionally too.  I've studied many world religions and read many spiritual texts since my teen years, and somehow my crazy (and up to now secret) decision about my after life has become more clear and real.

Today, as I sat near a pier in Boston, watching the sun go down and the tide come in; as the wind was blowing strong and chilly, refreshing me after a long conference, I whispered into the salty wind to clear away beliefs, judgments and emotions that don't serve my highest good.  I truly felt a strong presence surrounding me and wrapping me in Love.  I asked for Love to be carried upon the wind to my family, friends and readers.  Then, these words and sentences started to form in my mind and I knew I had to write them down.  I have that clear feeling that this is part of my mission in life - to bring that notion of heaven-on-earth closer to everyone; to share tips for making better choices for our life - choices that empower, bring happiness AND serve the highest good.  Heaven is now.

What will happen to my soul after I die?  I don't know, and I choose not to worry about that.  What is important to me is how I live my life and share the Love.

My heart overflows with Love in this moment. I invite you to take a moment, if you choose, to turn into the wind and breathe it in.

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