Friday, March 21, 2014

Clarity - Strategy - Confidence... and the "spiritual money" conundrum

In his Facebook status today, Brendon Burchard wrote:

Be patient with people, especially when they are not making the decisions or progress you wish for them. Realize that people often struggle with clarity, competence, and confidence. First, there is clarity. People often don’t do what you want or change their lives because they lack the clarity for why a change would be beneficial or important for them. If they don’t fully understand why something is positive and a priority, why would they take action? No clarity, no change. Second, people struggle with competence – they simply do not know how to do something. Their confusion on the ‘how’ prevents them from succeeding even if they know the why. No plan, no progress. Finally, there is an issue of confidence. Never underestimate how fearful people are of uncertainty… and of themselves. Some people were never taught that they are smart enough to figure things out given enough time, learning, and hard work. Others are simply afraid of the power they sense within themselves; their divine strength and magnitude frightens them because they feel that amplifying their true identity and spirit would alienate others. So, understand that a surprising majority of the people you meet are truly fearful they won’t figure things out, or that they might alienate others if they stepped into their strongest self. Either way, it’s a confidence issue, an inability to trust in their intelligence or magnificence. No internal trust, no external transformation. Knowing that people struggle with such things helps you understand, honor, and, ultimately, help them. Personally, it’s given me more patience, presence, and purpose with others. Let us be patient and kind, for the journey is difficult for all.  Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter.

Clarity - Strategy - Confidence...

I am coming back from an intensive week of training first in Boston with Margaret Lynch then in Toronto with Doreen Virtue and, with the help I'm sure of this Virgo Full Moon, many emotions, old programmings and "tribal" ways of thinking are coming to the surface.  I'm spiralling down a bit here...  trying to feel my way through this "spiritual money" conundrum.  I am here to serve Souls.   I want to help you succeed in shining your Light brightly, because it gives me a sense of deep fulfillment to see the world become a better place -- more bright, joyful, peaceful and loving -- one person at a time. Every time we share our Light, it inspires someone else to shine a bit brighter if only for a moment.  Am I serving better with a higher price-point?  Or a lower price-point?  Am I serving better through packaged options?  One thing is for sure, I will not be serving anyone very well, including myself, if that worry about paying mortgage and rent for my new office space, worry about how I'll pay the bills and put food on the table keeps looming over my head.  If I'm in fear of lack, and if I'm in a space where I don't dare charge more for my services because I undervalue my gifts or feel not good enough, not ready enough, not vibrant enough...  my Light can not shine very brightly.

I will be reworking my services, packages, and blog site to bring more clarity of purpose and of strategy. It's a tough one for me; as a true Gemini, I enjoy the freedom to do this and that in no particular order. As a Rising Scorpio, I also understand the need for forethought and strategy, and a deep commitment to the highest goal through both action and reflective work.  I also work from my heart centre and find it difficult to put the feelings and spiritual perceptions into words that would be as meaningful to you as they are to me.  And since my goal is to help you shine your Light for the highest good of the world, I must work on better communicating why I think it is important - indeed urgent - for you to shine your Light, and how we can work together towards this goal... This is taking me out of my comfort zone, yet I know that out of the comfort zone comes great healing and soul growth, right? That's what I teach my students, and now it's time for me to apply this lesson yet again. 

...and I thought I was way out of my comfort zone when I quit my government job.  It was just the beginning!!  I'm feeling vulnerable, and as much as I dislike it, I know I can use this space of discomfort to reorient myself to a greater, more authentic, soul-centered goal.

Much Love from my heart to yours.