Monday, December 8, 2014

Feeling down? 3 tips to boost up your energy

I am feeling so depleted in my life-force energy. For the past two weeks, I have felt a heavy shroud around me. I’ve been sitting at my computer, trying to find words for my weekly newsletter, and I totally flat-lined. Doing the smallest task seems to be sucking energy out of me, and I need to schedule more rest periods and longer nights’ sleep than usual. What’s up with that?

Well well… isn’t it interesting that we’ve entered the month dedicated to the Solar Plexus - the centre for our inner sun, our energy reserve, our ability to deal with stress. It seems that once again I must teach from a place of knowing and “been there, done that”… So, how do I move from this slow as molasses sticky energy to more clarity and vitality?

Here are my top 3 tips.

  1. Have a pyjama day. Honour your energy level. I find it very unbalanced that, in our society, we must always maintain a high level of energy to do more and more and more. We feel guilty if we do less, even just for one day. We feel like the world might come apart if we take a day off work or away from our children to restore our health and vitality. We feel ashamed of being vulnerable, or feeling weak. Hmmm… hello ego! These beliefs and that type of self-talk is ego and fear-based; and these are patterns governed by the shadow side of the Solar Plexus chakra. So ask yourself: is it really true that the world will crumble if you take care of yourself for one day? Is it really true that you must constantly prove yourself as being strong, unbeatable and unaffected by life’s events? Bring balance to your life and enjoy your pyjama day.
  2. Be mindful of the foods you are eating - especially during the holiday season, full of indulgences. Are your food choices truly nourishing? When I feel stressed, I reach out for pastries, cookies, cakes and other sweets. Stress is linked to insulin production, and the pancreas which secretes insulin is governed by the Solar Plexus. I know, however, that the short-term energy boost from sugar and insulin is not healthy for me and if I give in to my cravings I will ultimately feel more tired and sick. I might have one or two cookies, but then I choose to love my body by feeding it fresh fruit, vegetables and proteins that will sustain my energy on the long-term. I’ve had to journal my food intake for a few months to discover the foods that give me energy and those that make me feel depleted, and I’ve modified my eating habits based on that insight. I have empowered myself to make better choices.
  3. Massage acupressure points. It feels so good and it helps unblock that sluggish energy. The basic points to massage are just below the collar bone; just above the heart (thymus); and the outside of your legs following your pant-seams from the hips to the knees. View the video below to do an energy routine with me.

My vital energy is returning after a short cycle of introspection and inner work. There are many more things I need to deal with this week, but I feel stronger and calmer for having taken the time to lovingly listen to my body.

This week, remember to breathe down to your belly, and take at least 5 minutes a day to truly tune in to your body and become aware of its needs. Follow through with its recommendations for you; whether it is more sleep, better nourishment of a different type of physical exercise, listen to your gut feelings. Doing so will strengthen your relationship with your body - and with your Solar Plexus.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.