Monday, December 8, 2014

Crystals and aromatherapy for holiday stress management? Yes, please!

Oh, blessed holiday season… as much as we love the cooking, the eating, the family gatherings… ’tis also a season for stress for many. Family gatherings can remind us of those who have passed away and are no longer with us to celebrate. We can get so caught-up in the to-do list that we forget to enjoy the time of merriment. And when we finally have some down-time, many become ill with colds and flu-like symptoms. Are you willing to do something different this year to enjoy the holidays instead?

  1. Include crystal “bling” in your outfit and home decor. Sparkle with garnet, emerald, carnelian and citrine. Garnet is grounding and will help reignite the child-like magic of Christmas. Emerald is balancing, healing and soothing. Carnelian brings joy and vitality, while citrine will help your aura sparkle. Wear any combination of these as jewelry, or add bigger pieces in your decor. Wouldn’t candle light and Christmas light look lovely viewed through a crystal? To me, they always act as a reminder to breathe and take a few minutes for meditative contemplation — and that is a great stress-buster!
  2. Mist your home with pine essential oil. Pine resonates with this time of year, and it has many healing virtues. It is said to clear the air of viruses, germs and stagnant energy (perfect when the house is full of guests!). It boosts morale and helps lower stress levels. It is also said to help boost metabolism - so use those pine-scented candles after a large meal to help it go down!
  3. 15-minute restorative meditation. Remember to take care of your body and your energy through the busy-ness of the season. Try this simple meditation:
  • Prepare a yoga mat or folded blanket for your relaxation. Put a cushion or two under your knees to elevate your legs (this will release pressure on your lower-back and boost your lymphatic system). Arrange one clear quartz point at your feet and one at your head, both pointing inward toward your body. Mist the room with Pine.
  • Lie down on your back. Place a citrine or yellow topaz on your stomach. Arrange your shoulders so your shoulder blades are flat on the mat and your chest feels open.
  • Intend that your energy becomes restored and balanced, and that your chakras become aligned.
  • Take deep breaths down to your belly. Allow the crystal on your stomach to be your “breathing buddy”, helping you relax further as you watch it rise and fall with your breath.
  • After approximately 15 minutes, gently stretch your body. Take a few moments to count your blessings. Smile. You should feel ready to undertake your next holiday task or get ready for your next gathering.

Surrounding you with Peace and Light.