Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Solstice Musings

Wondrous things are in store for me this year - which means more soulful sharing with you! 

As a winter storm blew fresh, scintillating snow and freezing rain on the land, I was feeling blue.  I enjoy celebrating the Winter Solstice with like-minded people and spend the whole night meditating, painting, and leading spiritual processes...  but in the hectic schedule of the last few months as I transitioned fully and definitively from corporate world to being self-employed, I had forgotten to book the celebration!  And now the winter storm seemed to validate that this was a Solstice to be experienced in quiet contemplation and meditation.  

Instead of dwelling on my blues, I decided to do something.  A personal ceremony was in order!  I took a long warm bath in salt water and essential oils, using my own "Forehead Chakra" mix.  I meditated on everything I was releasing from my life as I enter a new phase.  

Then, I took out my paint brushes out "to play".  I allowed the painting to reveal itself to me.

The Crossing, Winter Solstice 2013
This is the result of my meditative Solstice painting... I started by creating the indigo sky.  The paintbrushes wanted to spiral with the paint and create movement.  The entire canvas became filled with the indigo hue and a few tiny stars.  It then felt right to paint the golden mandala circle.   

Mermaid really wanted to be painted in so I invited her in my circle.  At first I thought, "I can not paint a mermaid, I don't know how!"  And on my exhale I let that restrictive thought go as I instructed Mermaid to paint herself in...  I was wondering what she was reaching for... then the spiral portal appeared with... me in the centre! Safely arriving through the portal! I wondered who else was there greeting me as I felt surrounded by more beings of Light and higher vibration.  Fairy appeared, wanting a pink dress, red shoes, and green flowers on her dress. Finally, my Guardian angels revealed themselves, enveloping the passage and lovingly guiding me through. 

The painting then felt complete and I set down the paintbrushes, said a word of gratitude and finally went to bed.  It was 3AM - this year, I did not wait for the sunrise before going to bed.  Filled with the bliss of my inspired creative work, I decided to go to sleep and perhaps find that portal through my dreams.

Soul Search, Winter Solstice 2012
I find it interesting to notice somewhat of a link between this year's Winter Solstice painting, and last year's...  Last year, I had painted a female figure in a Light bubble, travelling to the stars.  It seems that if last year I consciously set out on this journey, I have arrived at the threshold crossing this year!  The journey was arduous: I dealt with my depression and took a year off work to rebuild myself from the inside.  I got clear on my goals.  I started to really love myself and accept myself for who I truly am.  My return to work this Fall was a validation that the old me was no more and that it was no use to continue to follow that path.  It's time to forge a new path!

And here I am, very excited about all the opportunities this new year will bring.  I am feeling so very blessed and proud of the spiritual work I've done this past year.  I am also feeling some fear and anticipation for I am walking a path that is new to me...  at least in this life, for my soul remembers the way.  

I am wishing you merry musings, too.  When is the last time you took out your paintbrushes?  Just have fun, allow your imagination to guide you.  Don't expect a masterpiece - simply allow your inner self to express itself in full colour.  Enjoy the process, you can be surprised at the insights you will gain!