Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lightworker Name: Pathfinder of the Third Star

Many have written me asking what is the meaning of their Lightworker Name...  welcome to the first of the series of posts that will provide you with insights on the various energies Lightworkers can embody and call upon as we journey on Earth...

#Lightworker Name: Pathfinder of the Third Star

Where there's a will, there's a way... and the Pathfinder will find that way! It doesn't matter if the path is jungle brush or arctic tundra; if it means creating new ways of seeing things or setting out in a direction that's seldom been travelled before. Trust the Pathfinder to clear the way and mark it for others to follow.

With the energy of the THIRD STAR, this Pathfinder will find new ways to receive messages from higher beings and communicate these healing messages to other star children here on Earth. A higher intuition, or claircognizance, seems to be guiding this Pathfinder.

Call upon the energy of the Pathfinder of the Third Star to raise your vibration and to gain insights on the greater picture. When you feel your soul doesn't belong in this plane, talk to this Pathfinder as you gaze at the stars and perhaps consult an astrology chart. You'll find your way home again... to your heart, your passion, your creativity... your beautiful, spiritual, original authentic self.

Sending star dust your way!


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