Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grand Opening of my healing space on February 1st!

I am so very excited!  I've been dreaming about this since I was a teenager, but had buried that dream way down because I had judged it as outrageous.  Although my heart has always wanted my own healing space, my head and ego wanted me to have a "real job" with a "real salary".  With all the hard spiritual work and development I've been doing over the past few years, my dream has not only bubbled up to the surface eclipsing and healing fears of non-conformity...  my dream is becoming a reality!  Is this really happening?!

I would love to welcome you to my new healing space, Way to the Well, whether in person or virtually.  The Grand Opening will be on Saturday, February 1st.  Come to the Open house, from 1 to 4 PM and browse my mini-store (crystals, oils, chakra balancing accessories) and receive a complementary Oracle Card Reading.  You may also choose to join me for the Goddess dedication ceremony at 7PM.

Brigid is the "Patron Goddess" of Way to the Well.  It is during an Imbolc ceremony when I was in University that I formulated the wish to make known the way of the Goddess and to work as a healer.  Isn't it a beautiful coincidence that Way to the Well will open for Imbolc this year?  I didn't plan it this way and realized the synchronicity after the lease papers were signed.  Spirit and Universe work in wonder-filled ways and keep surprising me with beautiful gifts!

Traditionally, a well is a meeting place where people - mostly women - share their wisdom, tales and healing.  I have so much to share and have added many trainings and events to my calendar.  I hope you can find your way to the well soon.

Many blessings!

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