Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is your Lightworker name?

I created a bit of fun!  What is your Lightworker name?  Share it below.
My Lightworker name is Teacher Guide of Crystalline Cove.   :)

Be sure to take a look at the new Lightworker Name tab !  That's the space where I share information on Lightworker Names and upcoming events to share the wisdom behind the names. :)

Wow! This name game I created in July went viral on Facebook in November!  I am so pleased and blessed that people around the world are enjoying this game.  I have received so many emails and requests for information, I feel the need to provide some context...

I created this game one hot July afternoon.  I felt very creative and inspired.  There are so many name games out there where you can "discover" your stripper name, your holiday elf name, or share an action you would do based on birth month, the colour of your shirt, a letter in your name...  So I thought it would be fun to create something for us Lightworkers.  I just sat down at my computer and allowed this chart to come through.

Why have I picked the 3rd letter of your first name and the month of birth?  It felt right.  There is no science involved here.  It's totally based on my creative intuition.

Who are these characters and places I mention in the game?  I tried to represent as many talents and spiritual energies as possible, to showcase the broad range of talents we find in our Lightworker community, and the energies many of us are called to work with.  I included archetypes, spiritual guides, and characters that speak to me through legends, folks' tales and fables.  I included concepts of various spiritual traditions.  I included energies of the Earth, the Sea, the Stars and higher dimensions.

I am grateful to Spirit for helping me create this game, where so many Lightworkers feel a personal attachment, or vibe, with their result.  Thank you so much for vibrating to the beautiful, creative and joyful energy I infused in this work!  So many have written to me that they resonate with their Lightworker name, that indeed they do work with Fairies, or are more comfortable near the Ocean, or that they do feel that their soul comes from the stars, or that they do live their life applying that special talent...  I am amazed and so happy that Spirit worked through me as I completely surrendered to creativity so that "just a game" became very meaningful for so many!  Spirit works in wonderful ways!

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Many many blessings of Love and Joy to you!


  1. I am Healing Light of Gaia. It's actually quite funny since, almost everything I do with friends or family, I'm always the healer. Anyway, thank you for this! I had fun! <3

  2. NATURE Gardian of the sacrad cove

  3. I have always known that I was meant for something greater than myself.I have being experiencing synchronicity seeing angel numbers and researching the deeper meaning. So I came across your post, and I said let me try it, its pretty cool. Thanks a bunch....