Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Free yourself from your own negative thinking

Do you feel trapped in your job?  Do you feel trapped in your relationships?  Today, you are asked to take the first step in freeing yourself from this illusion.

You may believe that your financial situation is forcing you to accept a job that is draining you. You may believe that you have an obligation to stay in a relationship that is less than satisfactory or abusive. You may believe that family obligations compel you to create an unsatisfactory life for you so that you can please others. You may believe that a spouse or partner won't "let" you pursue your dreams and life-enhancing activities. Maybe you allow yourself to be controlled by addictions and unhealthy behaviours.

Your first step in setting yourself free is to take responsibility for your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks.  Break free from your "can'ts". Break free from your cycle and history of excuses. You are worthy of your dreams and aspirations. They are within your reach, no matter what excuses you put up to stop yourself from realizing this truth. You have the inner strength to achieve your goal, no matter how much energy you spend on projecting your fears on others so that is the only thing you see reflected to you.

Realize that when you're happy, when you feel confident and joyful, you will inspire others by your strength. Barriers will disintegrate in front of your eyes. Lower vibrations will not be able to stop you from vibrating at your highest frequency; they won't be able to stick in your energetic field.

Today, ask for help in releasing your fears and concerns. Seek a coach, pray, meditate, do cardio activities - do what you need to do to connect your heart with your head and to allow the flow of divine energy to flow freely through your entire Energy Body.

Remember: when you feel free, joyful and bountiful, you raise your vibration and can then help others raise theirs too. First, you must allow yourself to enjoy this freedom and this power that is your divine birthright.

I am holding this vision and energy for you - "I am free. I am powerful. I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power."

(Guidance adapted from today's card, "Breaking Free", "Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards", Doreen Virtue.

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