Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Reiki Helps in the Surgery & Recovery Process

In my previous article, I wrote about my surgery and the healing of my Sacral Chakra.

I am so glad that I have solid energy work tools and social networks on which I could rely to help me prepare for my surgery, and with which I am recovering at lightening speed!   Here's how I have used Reiki in my process:

Before surgery:

  • My Reiki and spiritual journey have helped me uncover emotional issues and mental & behavioural patterns that have contributed to my state of dis-ease.   
  • Energy work helped me gather life-force energy in my system so I wouldn't feel depleted after surgery.
  • I used distance Reiki to send energy to the operating room and to all medical staff and hospital volunteers, so that I (and all other patients) would receive optimal care and nurturing.
  • I the hour prior to surgery, I self-treated to prepare my body and my aura for the process.  It also helped me stay calm and focused, keeping the pre-surgery jitters at bay!

During surgery:

  • Friends, clients and students sent Reiki to myself and the medical staff so that everything goes well and according to plan.  
  • Just before anaesthetics, I felt very well surrounded and comforted.

After surgery:

  • Reiki helps detoxify the body from the chemicals used.
  • It reduces the need for pain killers (I've barely used any, and had no cramping at all!)
  • Healing on all levels is quicker.
  • I recuperated my healthy energy levels very quickly - I was even able to exercise lightly the day after surgery!
  • Recovery is more joyful.

Will you or a loved one be undergoing surgery in the near future?  Ask me how we could put together a plan to nurture and support vital life force energy!  Of course -- this does not replace proper medical care!  Reiki and Energy Work complement licensed medical and psychological care.

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