Monday, February 16, 2015

Crystals that resonate with the Throat Chakra

Our journey through the Throat Chakra continues this week with some of my favourite goodies - crystals!  I had a “oh-no-you-didn’t” moment last week when I was selecting crystal babies to bring to my shop, and my husband, watching me work with such focused intent, said “but Jaz, they’re just rocks.”  Just rocks?  I had a look of utter shock on my face - and in my Heart Chakra too; it hurt a little.  Then I shook it off, fully knowing that he doesn’t need to fully understand or love the same things I do - after all, cars are “just cars” to me while for him they are so much more.  His vision of heaven resembles Jay Leno’s garage, while mine is more like a historical long house filled with Spirit, metaphysical tools, huge crystals and lots of wise souls.

To each their own, I suppose.  We all have our unique vibration.  And so do crystals.

Crystals can work in resonance with us because they have their own energetic imprint.  This energy comes in part from their geometrical form.  Have you ever noticed that some crystals are points, others are cubes, and some are linear?  Each basic geometric form, and the molecular composition of the crystal has a unique electromagnetic frequency and oscillatory rate - which means that they have an aura and a vibration, just like we do.  When we choose specific crystals and incorporate them in our environment and jewelry, we add their energy imprint to ours.  Crystals can therefore help us change aspects of our imprint and vibration by helping us align with their pure frequency.  (I mean “pure” in the sense that it has not been affected by negative emotions and mental programming).  Crystals can help us move past our blocks and issues and back to our pure resonance - especially when we work with them with awareness and intention.

Earlier this month, I wrote about issues common with the Throat Chakra, namely the inability to speak one’s truth; a disconnect between thoughts and emotions; and a feeling of mental and emotional clutter that can freeze us into inaction - yep, that’s the proverbial troll on the bridge.

Living with these bad vibes is very unpleasant indeed.  Incorporate these crystals to help transform your vibration so you can feel more aligned and at peace.  Have them on your bedside table or wear them around your neck.

Sodalite:  Its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas.  It will help clear the bridge from that troll and help you communicate with love and clarity.
Amazonite: This gentle stone helps balance yin and yang; masculine and feminine; emotions and thoughts.  It will enhance the flow of energy between the lower and upper chakras.
Aqua Aura:  This is a gorgeous crystal that is engineered with a bit of human help: it’s a clear quartz infused with gold particles under very high heat.  The result is a blue-green crystal that shimmers with rainbow colours.  It works to purify the Throat Chakra and removes blocks caused by emotional trauma.  It also helps align one’s energy with Spirit and can enhance intuitive and psychic abilities.

Do you want to know more on crystals and how they can help you change your vibes?  I’d be happy to chat with you either via phone or in-person.  Remember that my business hours are by appointment only, and it is best to email me to schedule an appointment, or use this link to book a time directly in my agenda.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.