Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you living your Truth?

Are you being true to yourself?
A mid-winter’s reflection on Imbolc through the lens of the Throat Chakra

I am celebrating my first year in business in my healing centre in Ingleside.  This is the anniversary of my decision to do this spiritual work full-time.  This is a reminder of my panic moments and my hopes as I left my work with the federal government to pursue my soul’s calling.  I celebrate my leap of faith…  and acknowledge any resistance to truly leaping with all my soul… ‘cause it’s darn scary at times.

The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, synchronized the opening of my healing centre with Imbolc - the feast day of Goddess Brigid who is my patroness.  It is a chant from Starhawk that inspired the name for my business; this chant is typically sung on Imbolc:

We will never, never loose our way to the well of her memory;
And the power of her living flame,
It will rise, it will rise again.

This chant resonates with my soul at such a deep level.  It seems to capture my soul’s purpose: to teach others, through self-reflection, how to re-ignite their passion for living an authentic, meaningful and joyful life.  To teach others how to live an empowered life where the divine can be celebrated every day.  To teach others how to overcome fear of intuitive gifts so we can all shine brightly and fully contribute to a loving, peaceful, planet.  My business - my soul's work - is an invitation for you to reconnect with your deep inner well of wisdom, inner peace and unique Truth.

This is the truth of my Soul.  This is the driving force behind my programs, workshops and articles.  On Brigid’s feast day, I take time to self-evaluate on how well I lived these soulful principles.  Have I lived in my Truth?  Are my emotions, my thoughts, my words, my lifestyle in line with this Truth? What can I celebrate?  What can I improve or change?  Where do I need more guidance and help?  Then I do a ceremony to rededicate myself to my soul purpose, under Brigid's tutelage.

In the world of chakras, living in your Truth and embodying your soul purpose is a function of the Throat Chakra.  Here are some indicators that can help you assess if there are blockages or energy imbalances in your Throat Chakra:

  • you have chronic ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems
  • you feel out of balance; you are either prone to loosing balance and tripping, or you feel a disconnect between you body and your mind, or your physical reality and your imagined or ideal world
  • your thoughts are not fluid, and you feel yours words don’t express your true emotions or thoughts
  • your inner self-talk is negative
  • you have issues with your thyroid gland
  • your neck is stiff or you suffer from chronic neck pain
  • you are timid and afraid to express your beliefs and your true nature
  • you talk incessantly
  • you feel depressed as you hold on to the belief that no one can understand you
  • in your relationships or at work, you feel that you must pretend to be someone else
  • you know you have a soul purpose, but don’t know how to share it or “make it happen”, and this makes you feel lost and hopeless

Did you answer “yes” to several of the above indicators?  Then it’s time you honour your body and your soul to purify your Throat Chakra.  I will give you several tips and techniques this month.  Remember to reach out and talk to someone if you need help!

How well do you resonate with your soul purpose?  I can help you gain clarity and confidence in expressing your most authentic self.  My sessions are intuitive as I tap into what your soul wants you to know.  I connect to higher realms using Reiki, an energy that can help shift and deeply transform how you feel.  Click here to book an appointment.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

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