Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Tips to balance the Sacral Chakra

Our journey through the chakras continue, from our Root to our Sacral centre. As the energy moves up from the tailbone to the sacral area, just below the belly button, imagine you are stepping out of the colour Red and into a wonderful Orange. Take a deep breath now and imagine yourself in front of a large body of water like a lake or the ocean. As you look to the horizon, the sun is setting and is illuminating the water with the vibrancy of orange. Gaze into this sunset and allow your body to soften. Use all your senses to imagine Nature tinted in orange... what do you see? What can you hear? What are the scents? Take a moment to invite joy into your life. Invite peace and creativity. If you wish, invite your Muses and even Fairies to come to you to help you create more joy and laughter in your life, and in the life of those around you. And breathe... And smile...

Haaaa..... don't you feel better already? I do. I love this quick visualization. It tricks my brain into producing the good-feeling hormones - endorphins - which elevate my mood and state of mind. Can you feel a release of endorphins too?

Endorphins and feeling happy are linked to the Sacral Chakra. One of the lessons here is to learn to find joy and happiness within ourselves. It's about learning to transform the raw energy of the outside world into something that can support our life in a joyful way. Think of an artist taking a chunk of marble or wood and carving it into a statue. Or a project manager taking raw data and input from the business and lifestyle sector to create an amazing project. When we create, we feel empowered - and that feeds our happiness.

Many have not learned yet to empower themselves to create a life they enjoy. They often experience the shadow side of the Sacral Chakra when they look outside of themselves for meaning, joy and happiness. When you give your spouse or your children the responsibility to make you happy, you're in shadow. When you develop addictions to sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, you're living in the shadow. When you turn to food in unhealthy ways to fuel your happiness or fill in an feeling of emptiness, you're living in the shadow. When you live in fear and worry about the future, and when you live in guilt about the past, you are blocking your capacity for joy and creation. There is great strength to gain and life lessons to learn from the shadow side of the Sacral Chakra... but as you know it's unhealthy to stay there for a long time!

Here are some of my favourite ways to move the energy up and through my sacral chakra:

  1. Salt bath: Pure indulgence! I make it a ritual where I reconnect with the Ocean. To cleanse my energy field, especially when I've been feeling stressed, I add up to 3 cups of sea salt to the tub. In the winter months, I help my skin by also adding 1tsp baking soda and 1tsp almond oil. I often add 10-20 drops of essential oils too. For the Sacral Chakra: vanilla, orange, ylang-ylang and/or sandalwood. Use a scent that makes you feel yummy.
  2. Dancing: Pure fun! I listen to the music I loved growing up and dance in my kitchen or living room! This adds fun to any task or chore. Especially for the Sacral Chakra: move your hips and pelvis. Pretend you're a belly dancer and shake what your momma gave you. 
  3. Art: I take out my acrylics and canvas, and I just paint. Just for fun. It doesn't even have to be pretty. The release of energy (and release of endorphins) here is through the act of creation.
  4. Board Games or night out: It's important to connect socially with family and friends! We need to get out of our own little world and catch up with one another in person - not just through social media! We need to laugh together too, so any activity that makes you laugh, smile and act silly together is good :)

Have fun this week as you start moving energy through your Sacral Chakra! Go to my Facebook page to share your tips, your favourite technique or a joke to make us laugh. Post a photo of you dancing and acting silly. Let's share joy all around!

Next week, I will introduce you to crystals that resonate with the Sacral chakra, and I’m looking forward to sharing this article with you!

In the meantime, if you have specific questions on the health of your chakras, or if you would like a chakra-specific Oracle Card Reading, click here to make an appointment!

Sending you blessings of Love!