Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stuck in a rut? Try this technique to switch back to positive vibes!

How different would your life be if you started wondering about all the positive, creative and good-feeling outcomes instead of worrying and being angry? This technique is tried, tested and true!

The positive action of the week comes to you with a view of the Mediterranean, at Monaco. Remember to breathe deeply (yes, right now!) and to focus on your greatest good.

In my experience, when I feel stuck in a rut or a pattern focusing on what I don't want, it helps me hugely to call in my guides and angels, and to allow myself to wonder what it would feel like, be like, taste like... if the problematic situation would have a positive spin.

For instance, instead of focusing on lack of money, I could ask, "I wonder what I would feel like if I was able to pay all my bills on time, and have money left over to play." And then I would sit in that energy for some time, using all my senses to pretend what it would be like if it did happen. Then I tell my angels that indeed, I much prefer that alternative and could they help me release the current reality and create this new vision for myself, please and thanks.

This technique is also powerful for healing relationships. For instance, instead of focusing on lack of love, of attention, of affection or instead of focusing on questions like, "why can't he pick up his socks", or "why did he choose to be at his mother's instead of baking me a birthday cake?"... Profound healing can happen within by focusing on questions like these: "I wonder how it would feel like to be in a relationship where I truly felt valued, and where I would truly value my partner. I wonder how it would feel like if I felt celebrated. I wonder how different my world would be if I didn't have the need to take responsibility for all the housework."...

Try this technique. I swear to you it is healing! You'll discover new answers and new possibilities, and you will be opening doors to miracles in your life! The deepest form of prayer, especially for manifestation, is when you can feel the desired outcome in the present moment. But sometimes we are just too stuck, stunned and righteously angry to consider changing the current reality, and instead of praying we start having angry conversations with God and the Angels. These conversations, although they can help us vent and release, don't always trigger a positive outcome but rather accentuate the less-than-desirable reality because that's what we are focusing on when we talk or pray about our laundry list of what we don't like or want.

Using this technique foils the reptilian brain and involves the frontal cortex, so you can more easily switch to a positive, joyful manifestation of your life experience.

Love & Light! xo