Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for June 2013

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading, which gives us a glimpse into the energy at play in our lives this month.  We are all a thread in this beautiful tapestry of Life, and our individual energies connect and interlace to form such exquisite patterns, some more intricate and difficult than others, and yet what a beautiful design we see when we step back to look at the patterns of our life!  If you want to know more about your own thread in this collective pattern, contact me for a personal reading, an email guidance document (a personal reading in the style of this entry), a coaching session, or a spiritual/Reiki guidance session.

This month, we are asked to turn our attention outward.  The Hound card asks that we tap into our need for the community, and into our drive to protect and nurture the collective.  I’ve heard and read from many spiritual sources that there are dark forces looming at this time – let’s band together to chase them away.  Ask yourself what one action you could take in your community and in your family circle to chase away the gloom.  What intrudes on the inner peace, safety and security of the collective and those we seek to protect?  Some of us are called to speak out against injustice, against violence, against the pollution of our food and water supply, against the harm done to our environment and various ecosystems…  What is it that you feel strongly about?  Connect with that one thing, and protect it dearly.

As we gather to protect the pack and chase the darkness away, we may feel that we are not doing any progress.  In fact, many may think we have regressed or that we are walking in circles, especially regarding social and environmental issues.  Remember that the dance of life is evolving in a spiral, traveling up and around, always moving.  Steps backwards help us gain perspective and remember what is really important at our core.  At times, lessons need to be repeated for those unable or unwilling to learn them the first time.  Examine what pattern from the past is resurfacing – is this a lesson to be mastered, or is this a past success which lesson can be transferred to solve a current issue?

Our Helper card this month is Gaia herself, the spirit of Mother Earth in her abundant and glorious garden.  She reminds us that in truth, there is enough for everyone on this beautiful planet, and she reminds us to honour our natural resources and to share our goods as a global community.  She reminds us also that Spirit is present in all tangible things.  Respecting Nature and respecting the fruits of our own human creations is an extension of how we respect the Spirit residing within us.  We are all One in spirit – let’s remain aware of this fact in all of our relationships – relationships with people, with animals, with the environment, with our food, with our work, and even with money.  If you feel any blockage, call upon Gaia to help spirit flow through you, in you and with you.

The possible outcome of us coming together as a global community, looking for the highest good of all involved and recognizing the presence of Spirit in everyone and everything is the establishment of new leadership.  As this is a card from the Major Arcana, it is earmarked as a major life lesson in our collective history.  We have reached an important teaching point in our collective human evolution.  We see the cracks in our current foundation, and it is now time for we the people to make a plan on how to best resolve our social issues.  We are called to participate in grassroots projects; to participate in town hall meetings; and to provide our input to our political representatives.  Remember that social emancipation is not only a right, it is also a great responsibility and many of us have been taking it for granted for too long.  We are now encouraged to reignite or develop our inner and outer qualities of leadership, logic, strength, wisdom and power.  It’s time to stop talking, and act.  And it is time to act with wisdom, grace and compassion instead of belligerence, greed and self-centeredness. 

Remember – we are all important threads in this common experience of life.  In these times of shifting energy, every one of us is called to speak up for the Truth and for Love, and each one of us is called to do our share for the highest good of our family, our community, our country, and our planet.

What action will you commit yourself to today to serve the highest good?  Here are some ideas:
-       Research the social or environmental issue you are standing up for, and look for clues in the past that could help in the present: what has worked and what hasn’t worked before?  What is different now?  What is similar?  What acquired knowledge and experience can be transferred to this current situation? 
-       Purchase local goods, or goods with a low carbon footprint
-       Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a hospice or a hospital
-       Smile as you do your work and house chores
-       Donate blood
-       Clear your closet,  your garage, your attic and donate your items to those in need
-       Sing a lullaby to your child
-       Call, visit or write a letter to your political representative
-       Participate in townhall meetings; help organize one to discuss important social and environmental issues.  Remember that we are called to go beyond discussion and to put our plans to action.
-       Pray for peace in the world
-       Participate in online communities who connect, on an energy level, with the intention to send love and healing to causes and to the planet

Share your action below to place it in the energy grid.

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