Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Embrace your physical senses; they lead you to your divine expression

MYTH: Being spiritual implies renouncing the physical world.

TRUTH: Being spiritual implies giving meaning to the physical world, in service to the Divine. All of your senses are tools to connect you with the divine in a deeper, more meaningful way. Daily chores, work tasks and relationships are lessons by which our souls grow.

Withdrawing from the world can actually stump spiritual growth by removing valuable lessons and teaching points from our lives. Leading a sterile life devoid of sensuality and pleasure isn't spiritual; it is renouncing the gifts Creator continually bestows upon us and can lead to sadness, bitterness, and arrogance.

It can be difficult to feel connected to the divine while dealing with day-to-day living. It can be difficult to feel connected to One-ness when doing dishes, laundry, Excel worksheets, business plans, homework, purchasing leisure items such as a pool or a motorcycle... But difficulty in connecting in these circumstances are really just a ploy from the ego to keep your spirit subservient.

Being connected to your inner self and to spirit means embracing, enjoying, and being responsibly grounded in everyday life. Love your earthly experience, see how enriching it can be for your soul. The more Joy you feel, the more Joy you spread around - and yet don't get mesmerized by the physical things and live only for the high of physical sensations... there is balance to be had.

Devote all your daily acts to the One Love, and be grateful for all the wonderful things you can enjoy and share. Use the physical world and all your physical senses to know, love, and express your spirit fully.

Remember: nothing in life is inherently good or bad - only your thoughts make it seem so.

(Adapted from the card chosen for today, from the Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle deck by Sonia Choquette)

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