Thursday, September 17, 2015

Are your values fed by fears?

Here's a nugget of wisdom I gained while teaching last evening.  I explained what is an ethical dilemma, and how at its core, such a dilemma happens when two or more values that we hold near and dear to our heart are in conflict.  This can be an external conflict, e.g. my core values are different than yours, and we are in disagreement about what to do.  It can also be an internal conflict, e.g. my core values are changing and I'm not sure where I stand anymore.  We put this in context with a typical Lightworker scenario: using your magic, mojo, vibes, etc. to manifest a really great parking lot on a busy shopping day.  Easy breezy for some people... but for many Lightworkers, this is a difficult, uncomfortable, internal-sweats-and-palpitations moment.  Why?

We examined the values that might be at odds.  We agreed that compassion and caring for others, and standing firm in our personal power are likely conflicting.  And when we dug a little deeper...  we noticed that the value we hold dear, that of compassion and caring -- e.g. what if an elderly person, or a pregnant woman, really needed that spot and I just took it from her?  -- is not only conflicting with the teaching and value of standing in your power; but standing in our power and manifesting through intention and magic is also conflicting with deep FEARS.  And there's a big fear here... that when we ask for a parking spot, or money, or ease in our day... we are not working for the Highest Good (an other BIG value for Lightworkers).  The internal conflict of being confident in our energy work & trust that Spirit knows best and will manifest according to divine will...  and the fear instilled in us (in many lifetimes?) about the "bad" or "evil" or "egoic" practices of energy work - and that we have to work for the entire community/world, and never request anything for ourself.

Ooooh...  That's my lightbulb moment from last night.

Can you see any of these values and conflicts at play in your life, and in your decision-making patterns?

Part of our "ohm-work" is to reexamine our values, and to ask ourselves - is this really true?  Am I really holding on to this value out of Love, and in Alignment with my Highest Self?  Or am I holding on to this value because I have been taught this is the right thing / good girl /zen thing to do?  Am I holding on to it because I am afraid of not being good enough, powerful enough, deserving enough of requesting what my heart and Higher Self truly desire for me to experience in this lifetime?  Am I afraid to ruffle feathers?

When you truly understand your values, you get insights into why you do the things you do.  And then, when you realize your values have shifted, or need to shift, because you are awakening to a new paradigm...  then it's easier to choose new decisions and actions based on values that are aligned with who you are, now.

Does this make sense?

I know I'll be working on old patterns of behaviour and actions now that I have identified what I do because I've secretly been holding on to fear...  And that's because being fearless and courageous are values I hold dear.

How about you?  Are you ready to review your values?  Are you ready to change your behaviours?  Need help to see clearly through the forest? Reach out - I can help!

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