Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unifying Shades of Grey

In a world of black and white, it's often the shades of grey that unify all of creation...

Two weekends ago, I participated in my first ever shamanic retreat at Northern Edge Algonquin Park.  It was a wonderful experience, and it really felt like a "coming home" for my soul.

From the moment we arrived, we were asked to walk in Nature, and reconnect with our inner guidance.  My steps led me to the dock.  I sat there several minutes, soaked from the fine mist, breathing in the moist air.  As far as I could see, there was the colour grey.  The sky, the air, the mountains, the water...  everything grey.  This grey, however, did not feel oppressive or depressing; it felt like a unifying colour.  It felt like everything in Nature melting into one another, such that each element's individuality was part and parcel of the next...

I was inspired to write this short poem.  Take a deep breath...  and allow for the energy of the words to seep through you, just like the mist.  Open your heart and your mind to areas in your life where you could just melt into the moment and release your individuality to become one with something that is bigger, and greater than the individual consciousness.  You won't loose yourself; the trees and the mountains and the sky only appeared grey; they didn't loose their individual vibrancy.  They only melted into one another for a moment, for a day.  Being ONE.  Feel the oneness...  Enjoy.

Unifying Shades of Grey

Sky melting into mountain
Mountain melting into trees
Trees melting into Earth
Earth melting into water
Water misting, moving shifting...
Everything appearing grey
...with its own shade
...its own texture


I'm wrapping you up in White Light and sending you blessings of JOY.

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