Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Sunshine! New vibes for a new season.

I want to apologize, for I have not been very present this past month and a half…  All this business of solar flares, planetary alignments, and Mercury Retrograde brought up the rebel in me and I have been questioning many of my practices, from meditation, to nutrition… to writing weekly blog posts to my tribe.  Picture that inner two-year-old AND the inner teen within me questioning everything with the heavy “WHY?”  Why am I doing this?  Is it bringing me joy?  Is it contributing to the wellness of others?  Is it uplifting?  Am I doing this just because someone tells me I “should”, or because there’s something bigger inside of me that needs to be expressed?  And when I’m in the middle of whirlwind questioning, I tend to retreat within myself and find it very difficult to reach out.  It’s tough to be an introverted Gemini (ascending Scorpio!), with so much to share and yet so many questions that demand answers from deep within! ;)

I know I'm not alone in this transformation.  I have noticed a skyrocketing of restlessness and anxiety in my clients this past month.  A few new clients have come to me in panic: spiritual gifts are manifesting without conscious forewarning, and without prior training, leaving them wondering if they just suddenly woke up crazy one day, or if there’s actually something “going on out there” to make this shift happen.

How about you?  Has the past month or so been crazy, rebellious, draining…  or have you been feeling joyful and blissful?  Or going back and forth between that spectrum?

Here are a few of my observations to help us all navigate in this changing energy:

YES: there is a major shift going on on Earth at this time.

  • The geo-magnetic activity of our planet is shifting, and this shift is having an impact on our consciousness.  Not only are the birds and the insects changing their usual routine (have you noticed?), there’s like a beacon light activated within us telling us that it’s time we change our routine, too.  Many have just been disconnected from their instincts for too long that they don’t know what to do, and how to cope.

So, how do we cope?  

  • Make time everyday to connect with Nature.  Even if you live in the middle of a city, you can take time to look at the sky, the clouds, the flower beds…  Take your lunch outside.  Remember to breathe in deeply to your belly.  
  • Get in touch with your true values and your life’s purpose/mission.  When I evaluate everything in my life, I weigh it against the value of “JOY”.  This value might be different for you - for some, it’s empowerment, love, belonging, connecting, courage…  If you’re in the fog, I can help you identify your key value(s) by looking at your Akashic Records. 
  • Inventory your activities.  Once you know your key value and your soul purpose, it’s easier to ask yourself, “Is this activity bringing me (JOY)?”.  And if it’s not aligned to your core value, then it’s time to develop the courage and let it go.  Yes, it’s often easier said than done…  but trust me, you will reap the benefits with an increase of energy, focus… and financial flow!
  • Take time to rest and tune-in.  All of these changes in our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are having an impact on our physical body.  Have you noticed that your body reacts differently to foods you’ve been eating your whole life?  Have you noticed your cravings are shifting?  Those are signs, baby.  Signs of the shift.  Listen to the wisdom of your body, who is working extra time to keep up with the higher vibes available to you at this time of transformation.  Treat your body with kindness, and you’ll see the transition will get smoother.

As part of my realignment, I realize that I do love writing to you; it does bring me joy.  And although I enjoyed the rhythm of the past few months creating articles and videos pertaining to the chakras, I find that I was perhaps playing it too "safe"... and my joy comes from being a bit more edgy...  So I'm stirring up my creative "witch's cauldron" and am waiting to see what will come out of the brew. ;)

I’m wrapping you up in White Light and sending you blessings of JOY.

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