Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crystals to help you feel cool, calm and collected

We are continuing our journey with the Root Chakra!  This week, I give you some insights on which crystals to use with the most common imbalances of the Root Chakra:  feeling insecure, frazzled, dizzy - and the most unsettling feelings of having foreign energies or entities attached to us.  We better get our protection on before the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween come out and play!  I am saying this playfully - but there is a grain of truth here.  For thousands of years, many cultures have observed a "thinning of the veil" between our physical world and the one beyond where our ancestors and deceased loved ones are said to be waiting for us.  Halloween is based on a very spiritual tradition of honouring the dead; giving them offerings at this time of year helped ensure they would leave would keep us safe and would not harm us in the coming year.  Gathering stones, flowers and seeds have always been part of the rituals and celebrations.  I'll be hosting a meditation in honour of our ancestors this Halloween, and I am looking forward to it!  I'll share more information with you as preparations come together...  but in the meantime, back to this week's topic:

Here are 5 top crystals for the Root Chakra!  Remember that crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information...

Hematite Hematite

Hematite has been my go-to stone since University.  I love it as a "pocket stone" or touch stone.  I find it very calming and soothing, and it helps relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.  As I hold it in the palm of my hands, I remember to breathe fully, and I know that whichever storm I am going through shall pass.  I feel a boost in my confidence and I feel protected.


I love this new specimen that recently landed in my store!  When meditating with it, holding it in my left palm with the intention to find out about its healing energy, I felt Earth energy gently rising up from the Root Chakra to the Crown, like sap moving up the stem of a flower.  I felt each chakra being cleansed with Earth energy, removing old, stagnant energy and making space for joyous energy.  It was so gentle, and yet I know that its cleansing is powerful.  I've since read that Chrysanthemum helps remove blocks to one's life purpose, so that one's essence can blossom.  The extra cool thing about being aligned with and living your life purpose is that you start attracting prosperity and abundance.  This is a nice stone to have on the bedside table or under the pillow, so that it may work on our energy as we sleep.

Smoky quartzSmoky Quartz

If you've read Harry Potter and any books on magic, you've heard of the concept of the invisibility cloak.  That's what I think of with the Smoky Quartz - I visualize a cloud of smoke around me that protects me from other people's harmful energy.  Because I am clairsentient, I often need a boost to discern the energy around me, and help so that I don't absorb all energies crossing my path.  Smoky Quartz helps bring clarity while grounding and protecting.  An all-around wonder-full stone to wear as a pendant or to place on an altar or crystal grid.

Red Tiger EyeRed Tiger Eye

I have been fascinated with this red beauty the moment I saw it.  It shimmers with vitality, joy for living and I believe it has a sense of humour.  Just looking at it, I feel it can also help the wearer sing that special song that comes from deep within - helping with life purpose and keep putting one foot in front of the other in life's journey.  The shimmer in the Tiger Eye are from strands coming together - this crystal is said to help with family of tribal issues or patterns.  It can also help you "keep it together" in times of stress.  It can also help you feel closer to your ancestors, deceased loved ones and spiritual cheerleading squad.


Although not a typical stone for the Root Chakra, I decided to include Labradorite in this issue for its ability to enhance communication between both sides of the veil.  Ancient shamans from Labrador and northern Québec believed that this stone had captured the northern lights.  Working with shimmering Labradorite helped them divine messages from their ancestors and spirit helpers.  My energy was instantly attracted to and locked on to my Labradorite wand even before my eyes saw it and that my brain understood what I was holding in my hands.  It was a powerful energy match.  I use it now to anchor spiritual energy on Earth and to move energy from my Crown down to my Root.

I truly enjoyed writing this article and sharing tidbits of information on crystals with you!  Some of the crystals pictured are from my personal collection, but most are in my healing centre looking for their home.  If you feel attracted to any of these, let me know!  
Sending you blessings of Love!

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