Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spiritual Guidance for February 2014

What a wonderful time to be alive!

If you are feeling the winter blah’s or if your focus is “what’s wrong with this world!”… Spirit is gently reminding this month to change your vibration to a higher frequency! Yes there are events and people in this world that make us question Love and Wisdom. As Lightworkers, it is our duty to rise above feelings of anger, abandonment, loneliness, bitterness and the whole bagful of heavy, sticky, icky and dark feelings. As we do so, we can become agents of change for this world, anchoring more Love and Light within us, around us and through us.

As the Gratitude card suggests, open your heart and your arms wide, and count your blessings! For every thought of “what’s wrong with this world” or “what’s wrong with me”, state two things that are beautiful and bountiful in this world and with you.  If someone annoys you, find at least one reason why you are grateful for this person to be in your life - what are you learning from this relationship?  Allow a feeling of gratitude to wash through you. Remember, Lightworker, that gratitude is the fuel for a happy life. Remember also that Universe, Spirit, God is grateful for YOU. There is no one else out there with your unique combination of talents, energy and dreams. You are here for a reason, for a divine purpose and Spirit is grateful for your willingness to open your heart and arms to its loving embrace. Spirit needs all Lightworkers in this time of transition and transformation and is grateful for your role in raising consciousness and awareness to Love and Oneness.

To help us grow in gratitude and joy, we are reminded to reconnect to our sense of wonder and awe. We are asked to view the world as a magical place where good prevails. This sense of enchantment is the spirit of our inner child. Bring forth your inner child as he/she holds to key to your heart, opening it to receive Love and preparing the way for the miracle you’ve been waiting for. Trust that you are divinely guided and cared for and freely share your joy, for when you are joyful, you inspire everyone who sees you. When you are joyful and trusting the Divine, your Light shines brightly and helps guide others to their own Light.

The spirit helper this month is Balance, reminding us to balance our time between work, play, spirituality, exercise and relationships. Being joyful, grateful and connected to our inner child doesn’t mean that we must relinquish our hold on reality! There are still dishes to be done, laundry to be washed, memos to write, and the list goes on! Rather, we must carve time in our schedule for joy, wonderment and authentic connection with one another. We can use mundane chores like doing the dishes, holding our cup of coffee, paying the bills and the daily commute to focus energy on Love, goodness and gratitude. Doing so will help ease the overwhelm and sense of disempowerment brought on by a schedule filled with earthly demands. Ask for help from your spirit helpers to creatively balance your schedule: you will feel your own spirit lift with joy and renewed energy.

Spiritual Assignments This Month
  • Practice the affirmation, “It’s a glorious time to be alive, and I am so grateful!” 
  • Keep a gratitude journal, and each day enter 3-5 things for which you are grateful 
  • Choose at least one activity per week that’s just for fun. Pick up your paintbrushes, run in the park, read an illustrated book, wear your apron like a cape to cook breakfast, try a new way to wear your makeup… these activities will help you reconnect with your inner child and your sense of wonder. 
  • Ask for help in balancing your schedule. Look for resources that can help keep you organized. Schedule appointments with yourself. Lock the bathroom door for some “me-time” without pets or children. 
Shine on, Lightworker! Thank you for sharing your Light!

Share your experience and observations below to energize and inspire others. Blessed be!

Oracle decks used for this reading: Denise Linn "Soul Coaching" and Doreen Virtue "Healing With The Angels"